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Creating Memories With Lab Of Creations

Lab of Creations Logo

Lab of Creations (LOC) was setup on August 2013. Although it is consider a new photography studio now, Bertrand Lee, the main photographer and director of LOC, is no stranger to the photography world. Starting from a freelance photographer at a tender age of 17, he has now more than 8 years of experience in the digital photography. Today, we ... Read More »

10 Handmade Wedding Card Inspirations That Make Your Guests Keep Forever

wedding card inspirations

Can you imagine the reaction of your guests when they open their mailboxes and see your wedding card inside? What do you think their response would be? Would they be pleased and delighted and excitedly thinking as to what to wear on your wedding day? Or do you think they would show no particular response and would be uninterested in ... Read More »

Types of Wedding Gown

types of wedding dress

Wedding dress is no doubt one of the most important elements for your wedding theme. In this extraordinary event of your life, wearing a stunning wedding gown that attracts the attention of your guest will certainly leave a timeless memory. Therefore, Malaysia Wedding Hub is going to walk you through the types/cut of wedding gowns available for Wedding in Malaysia. ... Read More »

Bride Price (聘金): How Much To Give?

Bride Price

The betrothal ceremony called Guo Da Li is one of the most important events in conventional Chinese weddings. This takes place at about one to three weeks prior to the D-day. This is that day when the bride’s and groom’s respective families exchange bridal gifts to show their blessings for the upcoming union. Guo Da Li essentials include the following: ... Read More »

Guo Da Li (过大礼)

Guo da li

Three major cultures comprise wedding customs in Malaysia – the Malay or Bumiputera, Chinese and Indian. The details for each culture vary according to tradition and a dash of modernization resulting into the simplification of traditional marriage rituals. But a Chinese wedding is often not regarded as complete unless customary rites have been satisfied. For Malaysian brides who would like ... Read More »

Wedding Invitation Send Outs: Know the What, Where and When

wedding invites

Weddings – these are occasions that can either bring the best or the worst in a person. Your wedding is that moment when there are long to-do lists and where everyone needs to be up on his toes. One of the must-do things during this time is to send out your wedding invitations. If you are thinking that wedding invitations ... Read More »

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

question to ask your wedding photographer

Have you ever encountered any blissfully married couple who does not want to have memories of their wedding day? Just as every woman dreams of a posh wedding that comes with a gorgeous white, bridal gown and lots of flowers; so it is equally important to record great wedding memories. These are, after all, romantic fantasies that can be frozen ... Read More »

The Perfect Wedding Suit – Why Have It Tailor-made?

tailored suit

 Back in the day, grooms were not that conscious about the clothes that they wear during the wedding. But times are different now. Modern man now gives a lot of importance to the suit that he wears during the D-day. Before you go out and buy a wedding suit, though, there are certain things that you need to consider. First, ... Read More »

Actual Day Wedding Program Checklist

wedding day program checklist

Malaysian actual wedding day lasts whole day as they have a lot of activities to do for the day which includes the tea ceremony, solemnization and as well as the banquet. It is important to set a schedule or program so everything will be in order and will go in a timely manner. Programs in the actual wedding day should be ... Read More »

Wedding Emcee’s Script Template

mic for wedding emcee script template

There are a lot of things you have to deal with when you are preparing for your wedding but most of the time, the emcee script is quite forgotten or taken for granted only to realize in the end that a successful wedding does not only mean that you do the necessary arrangements of the venue, food and guest. The ... Read More »

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