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Interactive Wedding Game – The Shoe Game

The shoe game

Malaysia wedding couples are used to play games during gatecrashing of their wedding day. However, during the wedding banquet or reception, there is not much activities involved for your guests. If you are looking to surprise your guests with various types of wedding games, this game is for you. This is a game that is fun and hilarious, it is ... Read More »

Malay Wedding Customs in Malaysia (Infographic)

Malay Wedding Infographic

Malaysia is a multiracial country with about 50% Malay, 24% Chinese, 7% Indian, 11% Indigenous, and others. As the majority in Malaysia, it is good to understand about traditional Malay wedding and their customs. So when you are invited to attend a Malay wedding, you will be more enjoyable, knowing what is anticipated. Malaysia Wedding Hub aims to be the ... Read More »

Wedding Culture Difference Between Malaysia and U.K, From a Photographer Perspective

Western Wedding

Today, we are happy to have Jon and Joyce from Pixellot Photography on board, to share their wedding photography experience at the both sides of the world. Some of you might question, which sides of the world? Well, let’s listen to what this pair of lovely brother and sister got to say. We are very lucky to run our business ... Read More »

Malaysia Blockbuster Indian Wedding of the Year 2013

Malaysia Blockbuster Indian Wedding 2013

This is probably one of the most luxurious indian wedding in Malaysia. It was held in Malaysia KLCC Convention Centre, recorded by Gregs Video – a wedding photography and videography company.  The wedding started during the day. In the night, the wedding hall was very lively. There were magic shows, singing and dancing performances; not forgetting music and alcohols that ... Read More »

Top 20 Amazing Wedding Venues in Malaysia

Top 20 wedding venues in Malaysia

After the touching proposal, the next step in marriage planning is to look for the perfect Malaysian wedding venue. While relatives and friends might willingly offer suggestions, the most amazing sites have garnered great reviews for a reason. Based on our research, here are the leading 20 wedding venues in Malaysia today. Pangkor Laut Resort Location: Pangkor Island, Perak Website: ... Read More »

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dresses

different body shapes for choosing a wedding gown

Wedding is one of the most treasured and cherished occasion particularly for the brides that marks the beginning of a new existence. Just as the occasion is of great essence, a wedding dress also plays a pivotal role in the way the brides come across and feel on the monumental event because every bride wants to standout and look like ... Read More »

How To Choose A Wedding Ring Your Bride Will Adore

Engagement ring

For the bride groom couple, wedding ring is a very important object that not only holds the traditional belief of a certain culture but also the beautiful tie between their love ethics. In most of the countries, ring exchange between the bride and the groom is a very popular and widely carried out traditional ceremony and many of the close ... Read More »

A Guide On Choosing A Wedding Ring For Him

wedding band for him

Wedding is the holy ceremony that makes the eternal bond between the bride and the groom. In this holy ceremony there are lots of jewelries that are maintained by both the bride and the groom, predominantly the bride wears loads of jewelries. But there are something tiny that are wore by grooms also. It is nothing but a wedding band. ... Read More »

Top 10 Mind Blowing Grooming Tips for Women

grooming tips for brides

Compared to men, a lot of women spend more hours when it comes to grooming and looking great. They believe that looking good is equivalent to feeling good yet women do not have to spend so much time in front of the mirror. A few techniques should save her a great amount of time when it comes to grooming. Also, ... Read More »

Things to Note Before Printing Your Wedding Invites


When planning for the perfect wedding; there are dozens of details that the bride and groom are supposed to look into – the need to search for the right wedding dress, choosing a venue, finding out the right theme, and printing out wedding invites. While wedding invitations may seem insignificant, you will soon realize why these enveloped requests are an ... Read More »

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