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Custom & Religion

Bride Price (聘金): How Much To Give?

Bride Price

The betrothal ceremony called Guo Da Li is one of the most important events in conventional Chinese weddings. This takes place at about one to three weeks prior to the D-day. This is that day when the bride’s and groom’s respective families exchange bridal gifts to show their blessings for the upcoming union. Guo Da Li essentials include the following: ... Read More »

Guo Da Li (过大礼)

Guo da li

Three major cultures comprise wedding customs in Malaysia – the Malay or Bumiputera, Chinese and Indian. The details for each culture vary according to tradition and a dash of modernization resulting into the simplification of traditional marriage rituals. But a Chinese wedding is often not regarded as complete unless customary rites have been satisfied. For Malaysian brides who would like ... Read More »

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