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Wedding Photography

Creating Memories With Lab Of Creations

Lab of Creations Logo

Lab of Creations (LOC) was setup on August 2013. Although it is consider a new photography studio now, Bertrand Lee, the main photographer and director of LOC, is no stranger to the photography world. Starting from a freelance photographer at a tender age of 17, he has now more than 8 years of experience in the digital photography. Today, we ... Read More »

Wedding Culture Difference Between Malaysia and U.K, From a Photographer Perspective

Western Wedding

Today, we are happy to have Jon and Joyce from Pixellot Photography on board, to share their wedding photography experience at the both sides of the world. Some of you might question, which sides of the world? Well, let’s listen to what this pair of lovely brother and sister got to say. We are very lucky to run our business ... Read More »

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