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Wedding Fashion

Types of Wedding Gown

types of wedding dress

Wedding dress is no doubt one of the most important elements for your wedding theme. In this extraordinary event of your life, wearing a stunning wedding gown that attracts the attention of your guest will certainly leave a timeless memory. Therefore, Malaysia Wedding Hub is going to walk you through the types/cut of wedding gowns available for Wedding in Malaysia. ... Read More »

The Perfect Wedding Suit – Why Have It Tailor-made?

tailored suit

 Back in the day, grooms were not that conscious about the clothes that they wear during the wedding. But times are different now. Modern man now gives a lot of importance to the suit that he wears during the D-day. Before you go out and buy a wedding suit, though, there are certain things that you need to consider. First, ... Read More »

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dresses

different body shapes for choosing a wedding gown

Wedding is one of the most treasured and cherished occasion particularly for the brides that marks the beginning of a new existence. Just as the occasion is of great essence, a wedding dress also plays a pivotal role in the way the brides come across and feel on the monumental event because every bride wants to standout and look like ... Read More »

How To Choose A Wedding Ring Your Bride Will Adore

Engagement ring

For the bride groom couple, wedding ring is a very important object that not only holds the traditional belief of a certain culture but also the beautiful tie between their love ethics. In most of the countries, ring exchange between the bride and the groom is a very popular and widely carried out traditional ceremony and many of the close ... Read More »

A Guide On Choosing A Wedding Ring For Him

wedding band for him

Wedding is the holy ceremony that makes the eternal bond between the bride and the groom. In this holy ceremony there are lots of jewelries that are maintained by both the bride and the groom, predominantly the bride wears loads of jewelries. But there are something tiny that are wore by grooms also. It is nothing but a wedding band. ... Read More »

Wedding Gown Trends 2013

wedding gown

Fashion and lifestyle changes time to time. However, it is 2013 and there have been many changes not only in fashion but also in lifestyle and jewelry trends. Wedding is a widespread ceremony held at different times of a year. There are lots of new trends maintained in this recent time of 2013. Brides of recent times plan for recent ... Read More »

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