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Making Your Dream Wedding Comes True

Wedding Invitation Send Outs: Know the What, Where and When

wedding invites

Weddings – these are occasions that can either bring the best or the worst in a person. Your wedding is that moment when there are long to-do lists and where everyone needs to be up on his toes. One of the must-do things during this time is to send out your wedding invitations. If you are thinking that wedding invitations ... Read More »

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dresses

different body shapes for choosing a wedding gown

Wedding is one of the most treasured and cherished occasion particularly for the brides that marks the beginning of a new existence. Just as the occasion is of great essence, a wedding dress also plays a pivotal role in the way the brides come across and feel on the monumental event because every bride wants to standout and look like ... Read More »

Top 10 Mind Blowing Grooming Tips for Women

grooming tips for brides

Compared to men, a lot of women spend more hours when it comes to grooming and looking great. They believe that looking good is equivalent to feeling good yet women do not have to spend so much time in front of the mirror. A few techniques should save her a great amount of time when it comes to grooming. Also, ... Read More »

Top 10 Grooming Tips for Men (As Recommended by Pros)

grooming tips for men

Proper grooming is vital for females as well as males. Taking good care of yourself can help create a good impression on other people. You may have noticed it but let’s point out all over again – the most successful people such as celebrities, sportsmen and politicians are not just well-behaved, they are also well-groomed. Grooming is not all about ... Read More »

How To Write a Heartfelt Wedding Speech

heartfelt wedding speech

In one way or another, most of us have attended wedding banquets. And whether we like it or not, we have to hear the part where the bride and the groom will say their wedding speech to thank the people around them and to declare their love for one another. This part should be really interesting but to some who ... Read More »

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