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Prepare For Your Dream Wedding

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

question to ask your wedding photographer

Have you ever encountered any blissfully married couple who does not want to have memories of their wedding day? Just as every woman dreams of a posh wedding that comes with a gorgeous white, bridal gown and lots of flowers; so it is equally important to record great wedding memories. These are, after all, romantic fantasies that can be frozen ... Read More »

Things to Note Before Printing Your Wedding Invites


When planning for the perfect wedding; there are dozens of details that the bride and groom are supposed to look into – the need to search for the right wedding dress, choosing a venue, finding out the right theme, and printing out wedding invites. While wedding invitations may seem insignificant, you will soon realize why these enveloped requests are an ... Read More »

5 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes To Veer Away From


Honeymoon is a term used for newlywed couples who get away from the rigors of every day life, the pre-wedding planning stress, and the attention that they got from loved ones during the wedding. This is when the couple goes to a special location to share intimate moments and to, eventually, consummate their marriage. Honeymoon – A Short History Honeymoon ... Read More »

How To Register Your Marriage

register your marriage

Marriage is a very important commitment that people can make. Therefore this is something that you may like to protect so much. One of the ways of doing this is by registering your marriage. This will ensure that the law recognizes the validity of your marriage. It is also a way for people to feel stable and secure about their ... Read More »

Pre-wedding Photographer: To Engage Or Not

perfect pre-wedding photographer

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is so true especially on your wedding day. Many people think of a wedding as an event where the bride and groom are given the lead roles in a romantic movie. It is something that everyone is usually happy about even if they are not the ones getting ... Read More »

Choosing a Wedding Florist – 10 Blazing Hot Tips to Remember

wedding florist

Flowers are one of the most profound ways of expressing one’s feelings. Their color, fragrance, beauty and freshness all convey one thing – one’s undying love for the recipient. While flowers cannot be kept for a lifetime, their memories however always remain in the receiver’s heart. Flowers are generally sent to loved ones to mark important events such as birthdays, ... Read More »

Tips On Choosing A Wedding Boutique

Choosing a bridal boutique

Weddings are given a lot of importance due to a number of reasons. Most of the people who attend weddings have different expectations but the real reason why most of them suffer through the grand Henna-staining, Nikah and Bersanding ceremonies that make up the typical Malay wedding is to spy on the bride. As much as a wedding is between ... Read More »

How To Pick Your Wedding Venue

pick your wedding venue

A wedding is one of the happiest occasions in life that everyone looks forward to. It is the natural step that comes after getting engaged. It is said that there are three important days in a man’s life and that is the day he is born, the day he marries and the day he dies. This goes to show that ... Read More »

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