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As for being a very sacred ceremony, wedding in Malaysia is carried out with lots of enchantments and preparations. There are hundreds of things to be done and more for preparations. However, for the bride and the groom to look stunning in this holy ceremony, they like to have different beautification facial and spa services here. There are lots of services regarding wedding preparations and this one is really a necessary one. Beauty and spa services in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur are really fascinating for different types and effective beautification. There are lots of beautification process carried out for both the bride and groom in associated salon. Some of the most fascinating beauty services being offered to their customers are detailed below in short-

  • Traditional message therapy: before the wedding ceremony to take place, there are many parlors providing different message therapies for the bride and the groom in order to reduce all sorts of wedding anxieties and mental stresses. Though it sounds very peculiar but it really is very important measure for the couple.
  • Bertungku: it generally is a service for bride’s health. The mixture of heated river stone and fresh herbal leave (betal, turmeric,wild pepper, melastoma etc leaves ). It especially works for the mother abdomen for refreshing and strengthening bride’s womb part.
  • Tangas: tangas is one of the inquisitive pre wedding beauty services that help for women especially. It is nothing but a proportional mixture of herbal plants with boiled water. It is generally used for the purpose of reducing excessive white discharge after period. Tangas predominantly help in accelerating vaginal muscle and helps to reduce inflammations.

Some of the special spa services in Malaysia are detailed below in short-

  • Herbal bath service: herbal bath service is nothing but a drowning bath in an artificial tub. This bath is generally taken after full body massage service in order to have an eternal freshness and strength. Herbal bath includes different herbs as a bath solution which is good in smoothing the skin and removal of all sorts of dust and filth. Moreover, herbal bath or spa is also responsible for taking outer germs and viruses cared.
  • Overall beauty treatments: before the wedding ceremony to take place, both the bride and the groom may go for a beauty treatment. This may be for dark spot removal, pimple removal, facial, manicure, pedicure etc. This sort of treatment is generally needed for the purpose of looking gorgeous in the wedding ceremony. This process of spa general calls for a day in a week for 4 weeks beautification with regularity to take care of the total wellness. The whole body, from top to toe is to be pampered with different herbal products or solutions.
  • Cream bath: cream bath is generally essential for the growth and healthy condition of hair. In this process, a precise mixture of hibiscus gel, natural based cream and virgin coconut oil is required and applied line by line through the hair ceases. This is a very fruitful spa for hair beautification. Additionally, the whole body is to be dealt with a massage keeping pace with the cream bath!

Spend some time to look at our exclusive service that listed in the directory and contact them now to check out their offerings! At the meantime, share with us if you have come across any beauty business that you think worth a spot here.

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Emperor Spa & Beauty is a one-stop spa therapy and beauty chain store based in Malaysia. Started in the year of 2005, Emperor Spa & Beauty now has many branches across Malaysia, serving natural spa therapy, skin care and promoting various health care herbal products.


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