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There are a lot wedding customs followed by many people in the world. It depends on the traditions and culture of the country they are in and as well as their ancestral domain. Some still follow it strictly and ensure that there’s nothing that they miss and pass it from generation to generation so the tradition will still live and will be sustained all throughout the years. One of the traditions that are maintained in some countries like Singapore and Malaysia are those of their Chinese origins and one thing that they are particular with are the Chinese Wedding Accessories.

Almost all of the accessories that will be used for the wedding should follow one color which is red and most of them can be found in one shop. The accessories which include the Betrothal or Guo Da Li, the return gifts for Betrothal and the dowry are colored red as most Chinese believes that this signifies luck or good fortune and joy.

To have an idea and checklist the following are the Chinese Wedding Accessories according to classification that you need to prepare ahead of time:

The Betrothal or Guo Da Li

This ceremony is done by the groom wherein he together with his immediate family member visits the family of the bride to show sincerity and good intention to the bride. This is done two to three months before the wedding but it was way before. Now it can be done two to three weeks before the wedding day. During this ceremony, the groom gives a set of “things” considered as gifts for the family of the bride. The following are same example of the things that the groom can give to the bride:

  • Betrothal Basket

  • Dragon Phoenix Candle/Incense

  • Candle Holder

  • Betrothal wedding jewelry box

  • Element seeds

  • Dried food

Return Gifts for Betrothal

This time, the family of the bride will be the one to give back or reciprocate the things or gifts that the groom has given them. It is often times sent to the groom’s parents as a sign of respect and as well as to look forward to a good and loving relationship between the bride and her future mother and father in law. The following are the things that can be given to them:

  • 5 Elements Seeds Set

  • Mug set

  • Face towel set

  • Dining Set


This is the things that are given to the couple especially for the bride so her parents can show their love and affection to her and their blessing for the couple so they would have a wonderful married life. The things that are given are brought into the groom’s family and these are then place inside the room of the couple. It consist the following:

  • Sewing kit

  • Mugs

  • Bed sheets set

  • Towels

  • Tea set

  • Dinning set

If you are in Malaysia, there are a lot of stores and online sites that offers these wedding accessories. Some accepts customized accessories to suit your needs and so it will have your own personal touch.
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