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A garden wedding in Malaysia generally refers to the wedding ceremony held at the lawn or a garden attached to a house or a palace. There are lots of people in the whole world who like to taste different flavor of a wedding party like this. This is obviously very romantic and a charming one compared to all the formal wedding parties held at hotels, resorts, ballrooms etc. The basic difference between a formal and a garden wedding lies in the venue of the wedding. Formal wedding ceremonies are generally held where loads of guests are to attend where garden wedding are attended by fewer guests. Most of the families with less relatives and friends plan out to initiate a garden wedding for their members. However, Malaysia has been one of the greatest countries in the whole world to carry out such wedding theme frequently. Such wedding ceremony is a beautiful one with lots of joy and enchantment.

Garden wedding in Malaysia is a very fascinating tradition where guests not only enjoy the enchantment of the party but also the flavorful essence of the garden botanies. Photography done at such ceremony will be fascinating. The wedding cake, the portrait, and live band performance are some of the essence of such wedding theme

As for being an outdoor party, there are certain things and necessities present in most of the wedding ceremonies in Malaysia. There are extra chairs and tables for the guests for relaxing besides banquet service, mosquito repellants, air fresheners, air coolers or fans, mike and sound system etc. These things are mandatory for holding a wedding ceremony in a garden in Malaysia. But not only things that are necessary, are kept in mind but there are lots of other emergency things kept in mind. Some of the important things necessary are denoted below-

  • A huge portion with great shade (like porch), for the safety of all the guests in case of rain or drizzling.

  • A standby vehicle. In case of excessive outdoor heat, anyone can fall for sickness and require medical assistance.

  • Uninterrupted electricity service of generator. For the sake of uninterrupted electricity supply, a generator placement is very necessary so that no function of the garden wedding may get hampered or distorted.

There are many more considerations to take in mind for the sake of a garden wedding in Malaysia. However, many people’s perspective provides different views of such garden wedding ceremonies in Malaysia. However, not only there are good sides but also bad sides are plenty. A traditional wedding is way to boring compared to a garden wedding and people love such change in their daily life. On the other side, as for being an outdoor party, uncomfortable may be a great hassle for a lot of people and may ruin the overall gathering. So in case of fixing a garden wedding ceremony; it’s better to keep all things and aspects in mind precisely.

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