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Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are very rich with festive looks, food and meals, traditional music and dance, family rituals and many other things. In Malaysia, lots of Indian people get married with their loved ones with Indian rituals. However, such weddings here in Malaysia are a bit different for the addition of domestic rituals and fashion.

There are lots of traditions from India that have passed here in Malaysia especially at Kuala Lumpur. For the purpose of having a good number of such wedding ceremonies, there have been developed different wedding catering and serving vendors. Indian weddings in Malaysia have recognized another meaning of wedding through the mixture of Indian and Malaysian wedding trends and have come up with limelight and a different wedding flavor. These vendors provides services like-

  • Overall wedding ceremony photography and videography
  • Pre wedding photo shoot opportunities
  • Bridal necessities (like makeup, fashions and clothing, rental car etc.)
  • DJ, Music system for the party, light arrangements, florist & decorations etc.
  • Catering services with different food items
  • Indoor and outdoor modeling (for the purpose of making bio-data before marriage)

Indian wedding ceremonies are divided into 3 parts predominantly- pre wedding session and rituals, wedding day celebrations and traditions and post wedding traditions. These 3 parts also have sub parts of traditions which are maintained as per Hindu wedding rules for India is a Hindu country majorly. The 3 parts of Indian weddings are detailed below in short.

Pre wedding ceremonies: in the pre wedding ceremonies, Indian wedding couples go through their individual traditional preparation with festive functions and rituals like-

  • Mehendi and bangles ceremony- this is the time before wedding where the bride gets to start wedding preparations. The bride is dressed with haldi (herbal product) for beautification preparation. The groom’s family presents the bride with different jewelries and bangles of different colors. Henna is another herbal beautification product passed over by the groom’s entourage to the bride’s one. The bride is to set the henna and see how deep the color of the henna is. The premonition of the darker color of henna states deeper love for the couple in future as per Hindu beliefs.
  • Engagement and determination: engagement is a ceremony where the bride and the groom exchanges wedding bands and determines to live together in their near future. It is a holy ceremony executed with lots of guests. According to Hindu rituals, this ceremony is referred as ROKA. Puja is another part of Hindu wedding rituals where blessings are to be set upon both the bride and the groom for the future peace and stability of their loving relationship.

Wedding day celebration: there are also many subparts in this holy event-

  • Arrivals- the bride is to be escorted with the groom’s entourage to the wedding venue and the groom will be waiting for her. Once both of the couple takes their seats, the priest will start reciting their traditional and religious quotes for wedding.
  • Kannyadan: It is the part of wedding where the bride’s father or mother or any close relative hands over her to the groom in lieu of his care, love and lifetime support to the bride for good.
  • Wedding ceremony: once the kannyadan is done, the priest asks for a tie to be knot with brides and grooms clothes. Then they are to walks around a flame keeping that as a burning proof of their righteousness.
  • Feast: it is the last session of the wedding day where invited guests are provided with different food items. Traditional guests present in such a ceremony generally eats with their bare hands sitting on a mat carpet or floor.

Post wedding traditions: after the marriage and feast is done, the bride and groom go for a photo shoot session with all their new and old relatives in the wedding venue. The final part of such wedding ends with tears and sorrows for the bridal entourage and family for the official goodbye of their child.

Malaysia understands people’s beliefs of different kind and doest disrespect any of the traditional beliefs and rituals. Indian weddings here are carried out with loads of joy and enchantments.

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