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Wedding Cars

You may think that what will be a wedding car of great importance in a wedding ceremony! But obviously it is about great importance. A bridal car is a very necessary vehicle to carry out the bride to her house. However, not all the families possess a self owned car but they are to rent a good one from different shops. Malaysians have given a great concern about this issue and thought largely about it. There have been developed different vehicle providing vendors here for the purpose of serving both the bridal party and self pocket.

Before asking for bridal rental car, there are some steps you have to follow-

  • Fix a perfect time for your vehicle to be ready. It’s better if you can fix the date for vehicle hiring and the finishing time of the vehicle.
  • Hire for a vehicle for at least 4-5 days before so that the vendor an easily provide a well suited car for you.
  • You better knock the vendor once on the wedding day for at least 4-5 hours before, so that the vendor can easily send you the vehicle for transportation.

Some of the attractive characteristics of bridal rental car are-

  • There are no hidden fees charged for rented vehicles. Once you ask for a number of vehicles, you are charged all of it at that instant. This helps in reduction of any sort of problem further.
  • You can choose a credit card for the payment of bridal car rent. This is a very conducive procedure and you do not need to carry a good amount of cash with you. The most fascinating thing is that there are no additional fees that the car renting vendors charge. It’s completely the fee that the rent costs.
  • You are assured to have any sort of break down assist. If in case of emergency, your transportation fails due to any mechanical failures, then be assured to have assisted with another standby vehicle from the same vendor.

The most fascinating perspective of renting a wedding car in Malaysia is that, you can do it online now. There are lots of payment methods available through which you can instantly pay the car providers. Also you get the chance to choose your chosen vehicle online through looking for the available vendor vehicles. As the car rental is for the brides and her entourage transportation, you may need different typed decorations. However, most of the bridal cars are thought to be decorated with beautiful flowers and vases with flower bouquet. You may ask for a decorated bridal car or even call for a bridal car and then decorate it with your own thoughts and decorative choices.

A bridal car must be well decorated and must be unique compared to all the other vehicles present in the wedding ceremony. So in that order, you get to choose the best suitable car with the premonition of having a lot of flower decorations and tweaks to be made on the vehicle. However, be selective about this choice and about the decoration in order to make the bridal car apart from the view of all the guests in the ceremony. Contact the best dealer for bridal car rental in Malaysia and get the best price through Malaysia Wedding Hub now!

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Providing wedding car rental services in the luxury car segment such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more. Visit our website to view all our other vehicles or you can call us now to find out what we have in store for you. Hire a great car for your wedding day now!


Wedding Car For Rent / Bridal Car For Rent / Event Car For Rent Official

Location: Kelana Jaya

Car Plat Number: 5151 (Only Only, 唯一唯一)

The “Only Only” Special Car in Malaysia, Your “Only Only” Bridal Car.
The “Only Only” Bridal Car show your “Only Only” Love to your “Only Only” Lover!
This Bridal Car is ready for Rental for:
1. Wedding Actual Day
2. Pre-wedding Photo & Video Shooting
3. Registration of Marriage (ROM)
4. Marriage Proposal
5. Party
6. Filming
7. Show Car
8. Birthday Party
9. Opening Ceremony
10. Product Launching
11. Festival and Carnival
12. Exhibitions and Fairs
13. Retirement Ceremony
14. Anniversary Celebration
15. A gift for your good friend

这是全马 “唯一唯一” 一辆独特新颖的古董车,您专属 “唯一唯一”的新娘车。
1. 结婚当日
2. 拍婚纱照/ 视频
3. 结婚注册日
4. 求婚仪式
5. 庆祝会
6. 拍戏/ 广告
7. 生日派对
8. 开幕仪式
9. 产品展示日
10. 节庆和嘉年华会
11. 展览会
12. 退休仪式
13. 周年纪念日
14. 给好友的一份惊喜

“Only Only” Bridal Car make your Wedding Day a special one. “Only Only” has 2 seats, specially designed for you and your lover. And “Only Only” is an open-top antique car, and with its special color and design, you and your loves one are the main attraction not only in your wedding and also on the road!!! You will surely and definitely get many “turn-back” and “wow wow wow”!!! “Only Only” is so special, it has 3 kinds of horn sound. Let’s come and have a look at your bridal car now!

“唯一唯一”新娘车让您人生中最重要婚礼超级与众不同,非同凡响。“唯一唯一”拥有为您特别设计的专属2人宝座。它还是超炫的开逢古董车,拥有特别的颜色及设计,让您及您亲爱的人成为众人的焦点,在您隆重的婚礼中,“唯一唯一”可以展现出它优雅的一面,在迎亲时,成为马路上的“大明星”。您将会听到 “哇!!!”及看到超级无敌多双对你爱不释“眼”的眼睛。”唯一唯一“最特别的是它的喇叭,可以响出3种不同的声音。讲了这么多,就来看看您的新娘车吧!

Contact us at (+6 )017-4802793 for rental. Thanks ya~

Cheras Business Centre Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We are from Excellent Wave Enterprise, specializing in Next level Lifestyle Enhancing Services focusing on Special Events inclusive of Wedding, Anniversaries, Dinner Dates, Engagements, Proposals and Relationship Rejuvenation Activities. We are providing Luxury and Mid Range Wedding Car Services in Combination with the following Packages: Types Of Car: MPV (Alphard), Sedan (BMW 5 Series, Merc) , SUV (BMW X6) , Mid Range (MItsubishi Lancer, ASX), Contemporary (Jaguar, Bentley, Hummer, Rolls Royce) Classic (TD2000) Group (10 Seater Van, Bus) Royal Packages (Helicopter, Super Bike Escort, Sports Car Motorsport Escort). has collections of a few special antique bridal cars available for rent. Location covers from JB, Melaka, to KL and Seremban. Visit their website now to look at their car galleries and call to reserve your favorite car.

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RedOrca is a premium car rental provider in Malaysia. Cars ranging from Classics cars, Sports cars, & Luxurious cars are available for rent. View the rental price from the website and call the number to book your dream car.

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