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Wedding Shoes

Wedding is a solemn ceremony in which two people are united through marriage. Wedding ceremony varies depending on one’s culture, traditional, religion, social class and ethnicity. Whatever type of ceremony followed, mostly, there is an exchange of vows between the couple and a proclamation of the wedding by a leader or an authority figure. Comes with it, the wedding officials, guest and especially the groom and the bride wears formal attires with theirs gowns and suit as well as other accessories.

In a traditional Chinese Malaysian wedding, they have an option as to what color they want for the wedding. They do not follow the usual tradition of wearing white wedding gowns for the bride and suit for the groom. Some bride opts to wear something red as this symbolizes fortune or luck. To complete the attire the bride and the groom wears a perfect pair of wedding shoes to match the outfit. The bride and the groom can wear all different kinds of shoes in different colors.

Here are the options for groom’s shoes that could be worn during the traditional Malaysian wedding:

Oxfords Shoe

Oxfords are constructed of leather laced shoe. There are shoelace eyelet tabs with “closed lacing” style. They are plain and formal shoes. Usually black, brown and white in color but comes in different colors depending on the materials used.

Derby Shoe

A derby shoe also known as bucks or Gibson is characterized by “open lacing”. This is also usually constructed with leather material. This is also worn with formal attire.

Monk Shoe

A monk shoe is a style of a shoe without lacing. The shoe is closed by a buckle and a strap. This can be composed using different materials.

Slip-on Shoe

Slip-on are sometimes referred to as loafers. This kind of shoe is mostly worn as a casual shoes. Slip-on constructed from leather can also be worn to match a formal attire. This is a style of show that doesn’t have any laces and straps to close. This type of shoe has elasticated inserts on the side to remain snug when worn and also to let the foot be easily inserted and removed.

For the traditional Malaysian bride, here are the options for the bridal shoes:

Glittery Shoes

This could come in different styles. It could be high-heeled, sling backs, pumps, sandals, ballet flats and peep-toe shoes. This will perfectly match the formal attire for the wedding. These are available in different colors and materials.

Frilly Shoes

Shoes with lace and fancy intricate details will complete the look of the bride for the wedding. Just find the perfect shoe design that will match with the gown details.  Lace covered flat shoes or mules will add simple and girly look for bride.

Colorful wedding flats

Wedding gowns may come in different color combinations depending on the bride’s choice. Colorful flat shoes will make the entire outfit perfectly matched. Also, flat shoes are easily to work with. This is great bridal shoes as it helps her to enjoy the night especially if she is not used to wearing high heels.

All these types of shoes are widely available in different store in Malaysia. It is important to find comfortable wedding shoes. This will keep the couple from ruining their mood during the wedding or on the wedding banquet.

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