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10 Handmade Wedding Card Inspirations That Make Your Guests Keep Forever

10 Handmade Wedding Card Inspirations That Make Your Guests Keep Forever

Can you imagine the reaction of your guests when they open their mailboxes and see your wedding card inside? What do you think their response would be? Would they be pleased and delighted and excitedly thinking as to what to wear on your wedding day? Or do you think they would show no particular response and would be uninterested in attending your big occasion?

More than Just a Card

The theme, décor and appearance of a wedding card play an important role in determining what reaction will be produced by your guests, especially in Malaysia wedding culture. A wedding card represents the personality, style and sincerity of the couple and indicates the formality of the wedding.

If you want to make your guest feel your sincerity in personalize their wedding invites and the unique feeling of the texture and design of your cards. An exclusively handmade wedding card may be what you are looking for.

So just like any other wedding plan, you will also need to decide on the theme and design of your handmade wedding card. A beautifully designed card will certainly please and surprise your invitees and will create a lasting impression on their minds. 

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Here are some of the hand made cards that you can find in Malaysia that are popular amongst the couples.

1.) Floral Theme

Flora theme handmade Wedding Invitation - Daisy


Flora theme handmade wedding invitation card


Flowers can set the tone of any formal event and floral theme wedding invitation cards are traditional yet timeless. Floral wedding invitations blend well with any wedding theme. It offers unlimited options when selecting the color and planning the layout of the hand made card. For summer and spring theme the trendy flower choices on the hand made wedding card in Malaysia are roses, lilies and carnations. Lilies, poinsettias, chrysanthemums and orchids are generally winter theme flower choices. The floral themed hand made cards are often embellished with green ribbons and cut out flowers of various colors.

2.) Boarding passes

Boarding pass theme handmade wedding invitation


Nowadays, boarding pass hand made wedding invitations have gained recognition in because of their elegant and glamorous outlook. They are ideal for couples planning on a destination wedding. A boarding pass invitation usually includes a card wrap, a boarding pass wrap which is inserted into the card wrap. The wrap has room enough to add in extra guest detail. An outer envelope for posting is also included in the hand made boarding pass wedding invitation.

3.) Monogram

Monogram handmade wedding invitation


Monogram theme handmade wedding invitation 3


Monograms wedding cards are in vogue since they are considered to be a symbol of style and fashion. Soon to be married initials are usually featured in a swirling fashion in the monogram style cards. The handmade card is embellished with cut out monograms with the first initial of the bride and groom’s name.

4.) Rhinestone

Rhinestone handmade Wedding Invitation


Wedding cards beautified with rhinestones are becoming the latest craze as the glittering and dazzling rhinestone immediately captures the attention of the guest. The stunning rhinestones when blended with lace or ribbon are considered to be fabulous wedding card embellishments.

5.) Modern Chinese

Chinese theme handmade wedding invitation


Chinese theme handmade wedding invitation


It represents a fusion of the traditional Chinese wedding card with the modern design. Specially engrave symbolic Chinese wording for such an occasion like “Ai” (Love) and “Xi” (Joy) will certainly be adored by most of the Chinese couples.

6.) Ribbon

Ribbon handmade wedding invitation


Ribbon handmade wedding invitation 2


Your guests will certainly be impressed by the beautiful & delicate ribbons adorned wedding invitations.

7.) Gate fold

gatefold handmade wedding invitation


Imagine the feeling of opening the gate of happiness with these gate fold concept wedding cards. It does make people like opening a present filled with lots of love.

8.) Pocket

Pocket theme handmade wedding invitation


handmade Pocket wedding invitation 2


A perfectly pocket fit card gives a polished and neat look.  With some design and embellishment, it can be as stylish as what you want it to be.

9.) Peacock

Handmade Peacock wedding invitation


For those who are looking at creating a rustic and captivating feel, peacock wedding invitation will surely be your top choice for it.

10.) Photo

Photo concept handmade wedding invitation


Customize your invitation cards with your wedding photo has become one of the latest trends. However, in keeping with etiquette, the text and design element shall not be forgotten. I am sure you want your guest to feel great upon receiving your invitation.

Here is what you need to do

Plan in advance

It is recommended to start planning ahead of time so that you still have room enough in your schedule for postponements and unseen delays. You can begin to research and explore the popular wedding themes 6 months prior to your wedding because you never know how long it will take for something to click and fall in compliance with your wishes.

Confirm the design of the wedding card 4 months before the wedding so that you leave ample time for the designer and the stationers to finish their task.

Meeting the designer

After you have finalized all the important details that you want slotted in your wedding card, you can contact the designer. He or she will guide you and give you suggestions on the:

  • Color palette.
  • Font types, placement of the wording on the card etc.
  • Themes of card (e.g. pocket, gate-fold, passport etc.)
  • Type of card material (e.g. linen, metallic or textured etc.)
  • Embellishments (e.g. lace, ribbon, 3D cutouts etc.)

Can’t wait to own your specially designed wedding invitation card? Find premium wedding card designers in Malaysia Wedding Hub now.


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