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Creating Memories With Lab Of Creations

Creating Memories With Lab Of Creations

Lab of Creations (LOC) was setup on August 2013. Although it is consider a new photography studio now, Bertrand Lee, the main photographer and director of LOC, is no stranger to the photography world. Starting from a freelance photographer at a tender age of 17, he has now more than 8 years of experience in the digital photography.

Today, we are very happy to have Bertrand here to share with Malaysia Wedding Hub about his studio, his services and most importantly, his dream.

indoor pre wedding shoot by Lab of Creation

Q: Tell us more about you and how you got into photography world

A: At a young age, I loved to imagine as much as I possibly can and I always materialized my imaginations by drawing it out. I have a lot of passion in there, and very motivated in self-learning. I think that’s why art has been the highest scored curriculum in my school years (Smile).

I started to like photography when I was 16. it was very fascinating to me on how Professional photographers able to pull out amazing works by their creativity and imagination and at the same time they are able to meet amazing people that are in the realm of creativity.

Apart from that, my dad is a photographer as well. He gave me tips and pointers and he also passed me a Sony Cybershot F707 and that’s how I get myself expose to photography world.

Pre-wedding shoot by Lab of Creations

Q: Tell us more about Lab of Creations

A: Lab of Creations is a photography company that does various kind of photography service and aims to take imagination to the next level, as in whatever and wherever you can think of; we will try our very best and translate it into photography.

Q: In terms of pre-wedding photography, what makes LOC stands out from normal bridal studio?

A: For LOC, we design and create unique photos for you. Your preference will be incorporated with our trademark style, for example: one of our concept, which is something similar to a painting. What makes this concept special is that it locks the moment or the memories inside like what a painting do. While contemporary style of photography tends to be boring after a few years. Our aim is to create and memorable photo even after 10 or 20 years.

On top of that, we invest generously into our equipment, with commercial grade lighting system and combine with our own 1200 sq. ft. studio; I am pretty sure we can create something that is uniquely yours.

Vintage pre-wedding shoot

Q: So, how do you come out with this “painted memories” concept?

A: It was from the wild imagination of the sceneries. We wanted something that is catchy to the eye but yet dreamy and able to bring viewers into an imaginary realm. If you look back into the sceneries, they are all uniquely created but are not heavily edited. So this is hard but yet soft and very pleasing to the eyes. You can even print out in a very large scale, says 6 ft. x 2 ft.  and hang it on the wall, it will look like a painting to you.

Q: Wow! That sounds very impressive. Apart from that, do you have any planning for this few years in order to maintain your competitive edge?

A: Yes. We are working on special effects wedding photography. Take some of the five elements such as fire and water for instance, we can have fire explosion as the background of your wedding photos! Most importantly, these are not post edited effect; they are the real fire on live set.

indoor pre-wedding shoot

Q: Fire explosion?! I can’t wait to see that! Alright, lastly, do you have any message to our readers on the photography services that you are offering?

A: Rather than you just taking a photo, we create the memory for you as well. In another words, you are not only paying for the final product, you pay to experience it.

Last but not least, we would like to thanks Bertrand and Lab of Creation for their time. If you are interested in creating a unique pre-wedding photo, do drop them a message/call to make an appointment with them now!

Lab of Creations


Mobile: 016-725 4302/014-916 0399/07-297 7670

Feel free to visit their studio at the following address.

Address: 14B, Jalan Indah 15/1, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru

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