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Interactive Wedding Game – The Shoe Game

Interactive Wedding Game – The Shoe Game

Malaysia wedding couples are used to play games during gatecrashing of their wedding day. However, during the wedding banquet or reception, there is not much activities involved for your guests. If you are looking to surprise your guests with various types of wedding games, this game is for you.

This is a game that is fun and hilarious, it is called The Shoe Game.

Wedding Gamesvia Katelyn James Photography 

Rule of the Game

The Shoe Game is a great interactive activity for any reception. The newlyweds sit back to back, with their shoes taken off. Both of them are taking one of their shoe on one hand, while the other hand is holding their partner’s shoe. So they each have one of their own shoe and one of their partner’s shoe on both hands.

After positioning, without seeing each other, the DJ or the host starts to ask them series of questions. The answer of the questions is either the groom or the bride. They will raise either their own shoe or their partner’s shoe, whenever they think the answer is.

For example: “Who made the first move to begin your relationship?” or “Who is messier?”. The couple then answers the questions, by raising one of the shoes that represents themselves or their partner.

In some questions, like “Who is the better cook?”, the couple will raise the bride’s shoes immediately. In some cases, like “Who dresses better?”, you would probably see the bride raises her shoe and the groom holds up his shoe. 

This often happens with hilarious results.

Some Tips for the Shoe Game

Here are some tips that you want to take note, to make this game memorable and joyous:

  • The newlyweds have to sit themselves in a place that most guests can see them. A good spot is either the centre of the hall or on the stage.
  • Encourage your guests to get involved. The host can ask your guest to raise up their questions or ideas. The most creative questions are often given from the guests. However, it is better to arrange someone to gather the suggestions, and filter away the inappropriate questions.
  • The host need to speak in a loud and clear manner. Imagine if your guests cannot hear the questions, this would quickly turned them off.
  • The language you use to ask questions. Since Malaysia is a multi-racial country, you may consider asking the questions in English and Mandarin, for instance.
  • Make sure you prepare a good list of questions beforehand. While playing, pick no more than twenty and keep the game within 5-10 minutes for the best effect.
  • Customized the questions to suit the event and the couples, and try to ask questions spontaneously. This would often surprise everyone.

Playing the shoe gamevia Laura Jane Photography

The Shoe Game Questions

We have gathered a list of 50 suggestions, feel free to pick the questions you like:

1.) Who is always right?

2.) Who made the first move to begin your relationship?

3.) Who is more creative?

4.) Who is smarter?

5.) Who is the better cook?

6.) Who is messier?

7.) Who dresses better?

8.) Who goes out more often?

9.) Who spends more money?

10.) Who is more spontaneous?

11.) Who is in control of the finance?

12.) Who talks more?

13.) Who spends the most time getting ready before going out?

14.) Who is the first one to make up after a fight?

15.) Who wakes up earlier in the weekends?

16.) Who is in charge of the remote?

17.) Who likes to shop more?

18.) Who is more often to initiate a dating?

19.) Who is cleaner?

20.) Who is more likely to make breakfast for your partner?

21.) Who is more cheerful?

22.) Who wears better in a dating?

23.) Who spends more time in the toilet every morning?

24.) Who is more often to initiate a fight?

25.) Who snores the most in the night?

26.) Who is more likely to respond to doorbell?

27.) Who spends more time over the handphone?

28.) Who sings better? Prove it.

29.) Who is more talented?

30.) Who is more likely to get lost?

31.) Who is more likely to ask for direction?

32.) Who spends more time on Facebook?

33.) Who is more romantic?

34.) Who gives better birthday present?

35.) Who always forgets to give present?

36.) Who makes friends easier?

37.) Who does more house chores?

38.) Who is more likely to lose something?

39.) Who has the crazier mind?

40.) Who is more often to stay up late in the night?

41.) Who has the better taste of style?

42.) Who contributed more in planning this wedding?

43.) Who is more likely to check out a creepy sound in the middle of the night?

44.) Who is more alerted to surrounding while sleeping?

45.) Who is more forgetful?

46.) Who is harder to be convinced?

47.) Who is more organized?

48.) Who shares more gossips?

49.) Who gives surprise more often?

For the last question, ask “Who do you love the most in the world?”. This game can be ended with heartwarming smile and applause.


Through playing the shoe game, it is a certainty that your guests will have a good laughing time. And this will also be one of the most talked about parts of your wedding. For more ideas on wedding games, visit this page to find out.

Have you thought of other creative questions? Share them through the comments below.


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