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Wedding Culture Difference Between Malaysia and U.K, From a Photographer Perspective

Wedding Culture Difference Between Malaysia and U.K, From a Photographer Perspective

Today, we are happy to have Jon and Joyce from Pixellot Photography on board, to share their wedding photography experience at the both sides of the world. Some of you might question, which sides of the world? Well, let’s listen to what this pair of lovely brother and sister got to say.

We are very lucky to run our business from both sides of the world; Jon in Malaysia and Joyce in the UK. Most of the weddings we attended, prior to Joyce moving to the UK were Chinese weddings.  So it was a great experience for Joyce to be shooting western weddings. While all weddings are unique, each has its own flair and personal touch, we came to realize the differences between Malaysian weddings, and weddings in the UK. We will list down 3 of our observations, and they are as follows:


Asian weddings are a big community affair. The guest list includes not just family and close friends, but very often extended families, colleagues as well as business associates. An asian wedding could to be attended by up to 500 guests, sometimes more! It is during the wedding where friends and family catch up with each other, a reunion of sorts. On the other hand, weddings in the UK are more personal. Only close friends and families are invited and it could be as small as 10 people, up to about 50 or 60 people.

That is why it is so important to hire a second shooter for asian weddings. There are so many things going on, and the main photographer might miss plenty of good photo opportunities if he or she only follows the bride and groom.

– Jonathan

Wedding banquet tossing


“ Change your clothes, there’s no way you’re wearing that black dress to Ming’s wedding,” mum said.

Most people will know this etiquette, and you will realise that more people wear red than any other colours at a traditional Chinese wedding. As a young girl, I remember feeling excited when we had to queue up to collect our ang pows from the bride and groom. All I had to do was bow and serve tea to the newlywed. Respect, gratitude, and filiality are the main highlights of an Asian wedding.

My first wedding photography assignment was here in England, and I found out that the colour of my outfit isn’t going to be fussed about anymore. In fact, I recently photographed a bride who wore black from head to toe and she definitely rocked the frock!


Tea ceremony of chinese wedding

I remember Joyce telling me how her UK photographer friends wished they get to cover a chinese wedding as well. Joyce were telling them about the various games that are played when the groom invites the bride back to his home. From my point of view, it’s fun and nothing short of crazy. I am not too sure whether the bridesmaids or the groomsmen were having more fun, but I think everyone will agree that the games will be unforgettable.

– Jonathan 

Wedding Game


One of  my recent wedding was held at ‘The Lost Village of Dode’. I quote from the official website “In an almost forgotten valley between Luddesdown and Holly Hill, astride the North Downs of Kent this beautiful Norman building stands sentinal over the site of it’s former village”.

It is interesting to note that in UK or Europe for that matter, there are many medieval buildings. The building where the wedding was held is over 900 years old! Time stood still here and as we entered the building, we were transported back to the time of Knights and Princesses. It was a fairy-tale wedding indeed.
– Joyce 

The vow

From looking at Joyce’s photos, I wished that I will get to attend and shoot outdoor weddings. There is just something special about the outdoors and photos are prettier to look at. Maybe it’s because the photos are less cluttered, and the backdrop adds character to the photo.  It is as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

 – Jonathan 

Regardless of the region, a wedding is where two loving partners make a formal vow to be together.

It can be lavish, or simple and personal. A wedding can be influenced by culture, or by trends – but at the end of the day, a beautiful wedding is simply one that even a stranger can sense the trust and affection between the two lovers, merely by presence. 

Get in touch with them now to enjoy the fusion of east & west wedding photography style.

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