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Malay Wedding Customs in Malaysia (Infographic)

Malaysia is a multiracial country with about 50% Malay, 24% Chinese, 7% Indian, 11% Indigenous, and others. As the majority in Malaysia, it is good to understand about traditional Malay wedding and their customs. So when you are invited to attend a Malay wedding, you will be more enjoyable, knowing what is anticipated.

Malaysia Wedding Hub aims to be the top wedding site in Malaysia, with a lot of trusted information and resources just for you. We have found this wonderful infographic about Malay wedding.

Most of the customs and traditions are included within the infographic. A Malay wedding is broken down into different stages, it is based on the Islamic principles blended with local Malay customs.

This infographic is designed and written in Malay language. For more information about Malay wedding, you may visit our Malay wedding session. They are written in English. =)


Infographic of Malay Wedding Customs in Malaysiavia

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