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Hi All,

We are planning for a simple wedding reception and hoping to get a registrar to our preferred venue (i.e. ROM + Wedding Reception).

Some information we gathered says that we can engage a private registrar of marriage to perform/solemnize the marriage outside JPN (very least during office hour).

We have not submitted the necessary application to JPN yet(as of now) but we are stuck at the point whether we can engage the registrar to our preferred venue seems not possible. JPN officer informed that it is subject to approval.

1. We have picked our date (next year in Feb 2020) and preferred venue but hoping to get the Registrar the same.
2. me and my hubby to be is from different state, and we are aware that we may need to submit the application forms at the relevant state.

May i know if anyone of you could advise me or perhaps introduce a registrar to me so that we can make a private arrangement, booking or something, with the Registrar.

Your advises or information is very appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!



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