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1 month before

1 month before

  • Alteration of costumes – Bride and groom to final check the wedding gowns or suits to see if they fit properly or not.
  • Preparation of seating arrangement of guests- Guest list and seating plan to be finalized by the end of a month before the wedding ceremony.
  • Finalize Emcee script- A precise Emcee script to be ready.
  • Wedding Album – Wedding photo albums to be collected and compiled into a montage.
  • Task Distribution to helpers- There will be a lot of people engaged in doing different tasks in wedding. So an overall brief about the tasks to be initiated to individual may be very fruitful in this time.
  • Wedding decoration– Wedding decoration must be finalized and decorated as soon as possible.
  • Rehearsing if necessary – If there is any rehearsal to be done at the wedding venue, and then it is the best time to do so.


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