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10 months

10 months

This is the time where you need to finalize different important things. Like:

  • Booking venues Booking the banquet venue is the first task in this time frame so that a better meal preparation can be taken according to guests’ desire and appeal. If wedding date is fixed on a popular date, then it may be hazardous to get a famous banquet service, which is why this task is to be finalized in this time frame. The wedding solemnization venue must also be finalized in this time frame so that surety of the wedding venue can be gained without any hazard and hesitation for wedding date.
  • Bridal package-   it is another imperative task in this phase so that a good quality package can be chosen. Moreover, this is a good time for the bride/groom to be ready physically and mentally. He/she can take necessary steps to look beautiful like diet, physical exercises, makeup and control etc.
  • Invitations to the entourages- Another important point in the wedding checklist in this time is to make sure of the presence of the individual of the both sided entourage. Anyone can have a problem during the wedding date. But if the date is fixed earlier, a person can manage time and attend the wedding ceremony through this confirmation.
  • Pre wedding checkup- Bride or groom may have a pre-wedding checkup from a renowned doctor and be physically fit, mentally as well. Bridal car – Booking bridal car can be done in this time. However, if the bride party owns a car, then this is no headache. Guest approximation statistics- The most important task in this time frame is to count the approximate head number to attend in the ceremony so that the wedding meals can be prepared without any wastage of food or excessive amount of food.
  • Bridal car rental – Having planned for everything to be perfect, you will certainly need a ride as unique as your bride to get you there.
  • Hit the gym – time to jump on the treadmill and keep your body fats in check to ensure that you are in a good shape on your big day. Sign up for a fitness program if you find it necessary.
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