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12 months

12 months

  • Meet the parents – it’s the time more than a year before when you need to get certain things done preliminarily. Meeting with the parents of the bride or the groom and the entourage is the first task. This may be done after the engagement ceremony if there is any such. Through collaboration and detailed conversations, both parties are expected to fix a convenient date for wedding.
  • Decide on Bride Price – In this meeting, certain things must be fixed like the bride price (it’s a traditional belief that people carries out generally).
  • Wedding budget – and expenditure limit of both the parties, approximate guest numbers to attend the function.
  • Wedding planners – after setting up your budget, it is time to decide where to let wedding planners to come into the picture.
  • Source for a solemnization venue – Provide some info on solemnization venue maybe a short sentence to summarize types of venue available.
  • Deciding the wedding theme – (food items, wedding traditions, meal system, etc). These tasks are to be completed in this time for a better planned wedding ceremony for future.
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