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8 months before

8 months before

before 8 months of the wedding date, some important task for the bride and groom are to be performed.

  • Tailor booking/choose your wedding suit – As above, choose a suit from the studio or custom made one from the tailor.
  • Photographer and videographer– Booking a good quality photographer and videographer are very necessary if you need to create a documentary of the wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding performance preparation– this is the suitable time to take initiatives to enchant the guess of the ceremony, e.g. – booking live band and performers may help in this regard.
  • Makeup artists– Makeup artist is very important for both the bride and groom. Fixing a precise makeup parlor at this time will be very suitable. A trial makeup session can be made if desired in this time to see if the makeup and dressing is suitable for better look or not.
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