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A Guide On Choosing A Wedding Ring For Him

A Guide On Choosing A Wedding Ring For Him

Wedding is the holy ceremony that makes the eternal bond between the bride and the groom. In this holy ceremony there are lots of jewelries that are maintained by both the bride and the groom, predominantly the bride wears loads of jewelries. But there are something tiny that are wore by grooms also. It is nothing but a wedding band. A wedding band is the symbol of love and the bond between the couple. It is the sign of friendship forever and the symbol of never leaving each other by means of anything. Wearing wedding bands in wedding ceremony has been nowadays become a trend in most of the countries. But in some countries, this trend has been another part separated from the wedding called the engagement. This is also a very joyous moment of exchanging wedding bands from both the parties.

Choosing and selecting perfect wedding bands for both the bride and groom isn’t that tough in case of the buyer is aware of all the likes and dislikes of the choice of the recipient of the band. In the case of the bride being recipient, there are lots of considerations to take in mind like the cut of the band, the metal (gold, platinum or titanium), color of the band etc.

There are many points to be considered when choosing a wedding band for bride. But choosing a band for groom isn’t that tough as most of the men aren’t that choosy about selecting such a wedding band. But there are some points that also men needs to check out in case of selecting and buying a perfect wedding band for his wedding ceremony.

Metals for wedding bands

There are different metals for wedding bands. Some of the suitable metals for wedding bands for men are detailed below in short:


Gold Wedding Band

Gold – gold a very precious metal in earth. There are also different colors available such as yellow gold, white gold etc. The different colors of gold are suitable for selecting wedding bands including different colored imitations or jewelries on it for a perfect match of the metal and the jewelry. Choosing the best suitable gold medal for wedding bands is necessary as there is different carat gelds available in the market compared to the price budgeted. 24 carat gold is the most precious one available in the market! You can also buy less carat gold band for your wedding if you need financial saving.  The advantage is that gold does not easily deteriorate with age, environment or temperature but shines as new though aged for a long time.



Platinum Wedding Band

Platinum – platinum is another popular metal for making wedding bands nowadays. It is generally white in color but sometimes rhodium plated to make the band material look brighter in light.  Is generally is a hypoallergenic metal. Choosing a platinum ring for the groom would be very nice as for it suits men lot that females preferably. Additionally, platinum is costlier than gold and also heavy metal than gold. So rather than for brides, platinum can be chosen for grooms as for a shiny and bright wedding band.


White Gold Wedding Band

White Gold Wedding Band

White gold – white gold can be a very good choice in case of selecting a wedding band for the groom. Though white gold are prone to dent and damages; they look shinier rather than yellow gold for brides. White gold is made up by alloying nickel, manganese or palladium on the surface of yellow gold. But as they look more natural and white bright than yellow gold, men prefer to put on such bands in their fingers.



titanium wedding band

Titanium Wedding Band

Titanium – titanium metals for wedding bangles are nowadays a very popular choice of grooms for its major advantages. It is seriously scratch resistant to any sort of hazards on to it. Moreover being it water resistant and hypoallergenic material, it looks like as shiny as its new after a long time also. But the major drawback of such metals on wedding bangles is that, it cannot be reshaped in the near future in case of any size problem. Once you bought the fixed sized wedding band, you’ll have to wear for good in the same size!


Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten– tungsten has come to the jewelry market recently for its enormous characteristic. It is a very impressive scratch resistant material for using on a wedding band. It is hypoallergenic product as titanium and deteriorates after a long time and not that easily with age. The drawback of the product is that, it is brittle and can be cracked in case of any sort of sharp blow or careless fall down of the ring on hard floor. So better be choosy about selecting such wedding band for a groom!




Stainless Steel Wedding Band

Stainless steel– stainless steeled wedding bands can be a very price competitive solution for wedding bands for the groom. It is severely fiery about beating corrosion, rust, scratches and stains on the surface of it. It is also a very durable metal conducive for larger age of the wedding band.



Embellishments, color and size of the band

Like brides, different embellishments on the groom wedding ring are also preferred. Try to be the best choosy about modifying a wedding ring as this is the jewelry that you are to keep for good. It would be the symbol of all your wedding memories. So better be choosy about the color also and different jewelries to put on it with a precise cut. You can also add different cut on the added jewelries like gemstones, beads, and diamonds. Engraving different quotes special to your bride can also be a very flaming idea for the rest of your life.

Important to remember 

Not only by choosing the outlook of the wedding band is necessary but also comfort and perfectness are two additional but important matters also. Try to choose a very nice and comfort wedding band that doesn’t harm any of your skin side. A precise shape of the inner diameter of the ring is preferred that exactly matches with your finger outer dimensions for a perfect match. Loose ring may be a problem and a hassling one for you, so better e cautious about this. 

You better also choose the perfect ring width that matches and suits your finger length. This is a very necessary point to remember as it is all about your wedding band beauty. And last but not the least, better not to hurry in case of buying such a precious ring for this holy ceremony. This is a very precious moment that generally comes once in a lifetime for both of the couple. So better take ample time to choose a perfectly beautiful wedding band for the groom!

Other than wedding band, what else of wedding accessories do you need?

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