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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dresses

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dresses

Wedding is one of the most treasured and cherished occasion particularly for the brides that marks the beginning of a new existence. Just as the occasion is of great essence, a wedding dress also plays a pivotal role in the way the brides come across and feel on the monumental event because every bride wants to standout and look like a true angel walking down the aisle to say yes and pledge her eternal promise to her future life partner.

Since a wedding is once in a lifetime event, brides desire for a magnificent yet delicate wedding ensemble that will flabbergast and taken aback everyone and make them look dramatically striking and ethereally dazzling. Choosing the perfect dress for your wedding can be quite a quizzing matter because the array of endless wedding gown styles and designs can get you utterly overwhelmed, befuddling your mind so that you are in a state of complete perplexity.

However, every gown style complements a certain body shape and knowing your body shape can assist you in your quest for the ideal wedding gown that not only highlights your best features and body shape but also endows you with elevated self-confidence and grace.

Wedding Dress Styles that Compatible with the Shape of Your Body

Selecting a smooth and stylish wedding gown is the key to become the focus and center of everyone’s attention. Here are some of the suggestions that will help you in choosing the ideal wedding gown that will emphasize your style and outlook.

The Hourglass Figure: You are the Blessed one

The shoulders and the hips in the hourglass figure are of the same width, with the waist being narrow and defined. If you boast a slimmer hourglass figure then the Mermaid style will set your figure ablaze because this type of a gown has a very alluring look that flatters a curvy figure rapturously. The silhouette of this style outlines the shape of the body from the chest to knee and then widens and spreads outward at the hem.

However, you can also rock your curves and arcs in an A-line/Princess style dress. Since an hourglass body shape is truly a feminine shape, halter, strapless or off shoulder style silhouettes work spelndidly. Moreover, a V-shape neckline complements the hourglass shape distinctively. It is best to steer clear of straight or bias cut dresses unless you support a tall figure.

Pear Shaped Figure: Go for Empire, A-line or Ball gown

Pear shaped figures are charcaterized by narrow shoulders, wide and heavy hips and thighs but a relatively smaller bust line. If you are pear shaped, then look for a wedding gown that has a skirt that opens out from the waist into an A-line frock flaring to the floor, emphasizing the narrow waist. Empire, A-line or Ball gown amost aptly accentuate the best features of this figure as they tend to float away from the heavier hips and thighs. Duchesse satin and taffeta are fabrics that look splendid on a pear shaped figure since these don’t have the tendency to cling to the figure.

Plus-sized Figure: Avoid Pleated Fabric

If you are plus sized, then you will have a challenging time hunting down the wedding gown that will render you with  a queenly air. But an Empire style or A-line dress which flows charmingly to the floor will add style to your body frame and emphasize the parts that you want noticed. But ensure that the fabric is not pleated because pleated fabrics are more in vogue in the maternity wear. Fabrics like satin that endow structure to the gown are more favorable to a plus sized figure.

Apple Shaped Figure: Focus on Your Waist

This shape is decribed as being full-figured on the upper half, while the legs can be on the thin side. It is best to rummage the boutiques for a dress that is restrained at the smallest point on the waist and then broadens out into an A-line fashion. A bodice favoring lots of texture like ruche or detailing with lace will further enhance the figure and will render a corsetlike image to the dress. The Empire and Ball gown with a sweetheart or strapless neckline will accentuate the apple figure remarkably.

Rectangle figure: Add Curves to the Silhoutte of Your Body

This shape is better known as the athelteic figure because the bust and hips are almost of the same size and the waist is not quite defined. Females having this body type usually have small busts and slim arms and legs. For rectangle shaped bodies, a sheath style is ideal since it flows out in a narrow fashion vertically down to the floor without flaring out anywhere and tends to display all the curves and best assets of a slim figure. However, rectangle shaped bodies can adorn all types of wedding dresses like Empire, Ball gown, A-line and Mermaid and sizzle in each one of them.

Petite Body Shape: Minimize the Use of Detailing

Petite shaped ladies face some challenge hunting down a wedding dress that will render them with a gorgeous feel adding glitz and glam to their petite figure whilst covering their flaws. For these body types, sheath, Empire and A-line gowns will be more opt in creating a womanly yet enthralling silhouette. Selecting a dress that has a waistline above the normal waist can actually elongate the figure and set off a short stature. It is best to minimize the use of detailing in the wedding gown to draw the attention on the upper half.

Give Some Consideration to Your Sizing:

After picking the style that will flaunt your curves and render you with a to-die-for figure, you need to give some thought to the sizing. Ensure that you are measured with a vinyl measuring tape for accurate fitting. Your sizing of your special Malay wedding dress may be a bit varied as compared to your regular dresses but no need to get apprehensive about this because the wedding dresses are usually one or two sizes larger as compared to usual dresses.

Most of the brides are not completely pleased with the outcome and so need to make some alterations and modifications in their wedding dress so it is best to order four to six weeks earlier. Remember, that your big day is very special so hunt down for a gown that will help you make a style statement and lasting impression on the minds of the individuals who are attending the ceremony.

However, those who want to flaunt their curves and arcs can also rock with this style. This style is available in various forms ranging from strapless, halter, trumpet flare and flamenco so there is a wide assortment to choose from.

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