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How To Choose A Wedding Ring Your Bride Will Adore

How To Choose A Wedding Ring Your Bride Will Adore

For the bride groom couple, wedding ring is a very important object that not only holds the traditional belief of a certain culture but also the beautiful tie between their love ethics. In most of the countries, ring exchange between the bride and the groom is a very popular and widely carried out traditional ceremony and many of the close relatives are usually invited in this holy function. A wedding ring can effectively embed that precious moment in the couples mind forever. This is a joyous moment full of eternal feeling. However, selection of a nice and beautiful engagement ring is a very important task for both the parties. It is not something as easy as choosing wedding band for the groom.

Diamond? Pearl? Or Titanium?

Engagement rings are of different types. There are varieties in engagement rings like diamond, pearl, black pearl, gold, titanium, white gold etc. However, its diamond that almost everyone prefer as an engagement ring. During wedding shopping and other tasks, wedding ring budget must obviously be kept in mind as it can range with a great scale for price. Many people go for a short priced engagement ring in case of budget difficulty. But you better go for the best diamond ring feasible for you, in order to remember this moment for good! How often do you wear a ring of great cost? It’s only a single moment in your life. Thus makes it colorful and joyous up to utmost extent!

Points To Notes When Buying

In case of selection of an engagement ring, you better browse for such rings in the market. You may have a broader look via internet. At present, many of the renowned jewelry retailers possessing diamond jewelries have provided their showroom products online with proper specifications and price. This is a great advantage for the bride & groom party for the effective search as proper idea about the design, cut, price, color, shape etc. of an engagement ring is mandatory to know. In case of buying a nice engagement ring for the bride, it’s necessary to mention the points below simultaneously:

  • Taking brides best friend/sister/closest relative along: taking the brides best friend/sister/closest relative may help a lot in case of shopping for the bride. She might know her best friends taste without any hesitation for the proper selection of a nice engagement ring.
  • Ring Carat: Carat naturally refers to the degree of quality of an engagement ring. This is a very important fact about an engagement ring to deal with. The larger the ring or diamond is, the greater the price will be. However, not only size matters in such cases but also the cut, additional purity and longevity of the material do.
  • Ring color: better to select the best color liked by the bride in case of buying a nice engagement ring. In this matter, her best friends whom with to shop, may help a lot. There are separate grades according to the ring colors in most of the stores. This may help a lot in case of choosing a colorful engagement ring for the bride.  A bullet point to remember is that, many of the diamond rings price differs according to its color.
  • Ring cut: the cut of a diamond ring closely relates to its color. There is dependence between these two factors in case of a diamond ring. The ideal cut of a diamond is what that reflects the maximum brilliance and beauty out of the ring. The precise cutting of the shape of a raw diamond is what it is called an ideal cut. In this shape, the diamond reflects about 99% of the incident light. This makes the diamond look as shiny as possible when light falls of the observer’s eyes. For example, Heart and Arrows diamond with AGS triple cut is one of the famous ones in the face of the earth! You may think of buying an engagement ring in case of passing holidays outside your country. In foreign countries, diamond cut ois a very important and concerned matter & given high priority in case of manufacturing diamond engagement rings and for that reason, such rings cost high in price!
  • Clarity: clarity is generally the measure of imperfection quantity. Through a small knowledge about clarity, you may go for a nice diamond engagement ring. For such, you may search online for details about clarity. There are different section for clarity identification like, slightly included (SI1, SI2); Included (I1, I2, I3),; Very Slight Included; Very Very Slight Included etc. These are the degrees of clarity measurement in case of buying a diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Settings Of Engagement Ring

In case of selection of a diamond engagement ring, be sure to mention above points. Otherwise, you may also add some important notes as per your concentration and calculation. You can have broader ideas about diamond ring specification from lot of super jewelry stores websites. This may help you a lot in case of selecting and choosing the best diamond ring for your bride. However, not only these points are enough to satisfy your bride but you can add more points for the engagement ring to look more beautiful. The diamond setting style on the ring is one of the major facts. Some important points in this case are denoted below with short description:



Solitaire Setting Ring

Solitaire setting: a precise even or odd numbered prong setting is generally referred to as the solitaire setting of the diamond ring. The greater the number of prongs, the better the security for the diamond not to fall in case of accidents. This is an arrangement for the diamond of the gemstone to sit just in the middle of the base of the ring attached and clamped with prongs. This helps the diamond to reflect light in most of the directions and it looks shiny. This is the most familiar diamond ring setting style in the world.

side stone setting engagement ring

Side Stone Setting Ring

Setting with side stones: side stone setting is another impressive example of a diamond ring. Side stones make the ring look bore bright in light reflection. These additional diamonds also helps from accidental abrasion.  There may be different side stone arrangement style like bus bar, series, helical etc.


multi-stone ring

Three/Multi-stone Setting Ring

Three/ multi stone setting: nowadays, three or multi stone set diamond rings are very popular for its extensive and massive glamorous look. Three stone setting of a diamond ring is a great choice that will be surely liked by your bride. Some of the traditions refer these three stones as one for the past, one for the present (middle and bigger one) & one for future.

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