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The Perfect Wedding Suit – Why Have It Tailor-made?

The Perfect Wedding Suit – Why Have It Tailor-made?

 Back in the day, grooms were not that conscious about the clothes that they wear during the wedding. But times are different now. Modern man now gives a lot of importance to the suit that he wears during the D-day.

Before you go out and buy a wedding suit, though, there are certain things that you need to consider. First, think that the suit is the leading outfit worn by Malaysian men during weddings. Unless you already have one in your closet or are committed to rent one, then there is a need to have a tailor create one for you.

If you want to have the same classy look as that of Armani suits, then it would pay to get a well-fitting suit for a less amount of money.

Advantages of Made-to-measure Wedding Suits

  • A professional tailor can discuss your preference while giving some inputs of his own.
  • There is a wide variety of fabrics to pick from.
  • There is a wide spectrum of suits appropriate for a range of budgets.
  • Tailor-made suits tend to fit better than off-the-rack options.
  • It can look unique since the suit was not mass produced.

What’s the Latest Trend?

 When buying a custom-made suit, it is a must to go through some wedding shopping. Find local stores and malls that display the latest styles in the market. These can help you have an idea with regard to the price range and styles.

If you are not comfortable window shopping, then you can borrow or buy a few wedding magazines. Browse the latest designs and find out which ones you like most.

Consider your suit’s style and if it is going to be patterned with the wedding theme. Find out whether you will need two or three buttons and whether the suit will be single or double-breasted. 

As soon as you have come up with your choice, scan the picture and bring it to your chosen Malaysian tailor.

Meet the Best Tailor

If you want a good wedding suit, then the rule is – find a good tailor. Malaysian tailors are often affordable with two-piece suit prices coming in for as low as RM 188.  

Once you settle on a tailor, it is advisable that you listen to him. Your tailor has ample experience to know what certain body types go with certain styles. Do not feel bad if the tailor suggests that the slim fit suit is not the best design for your body type.

wedding suite fabric

Choose the Best Fabric

When contemplating on a wedding suit, your objective should be to complement your bride’s wedding gown. If the wedding will be held during the day, normally, the best fabric colors used by many Malaysian men are black and dark grey.  

Just pair the black suit with a crisp shirt in ivory or white to complement the bridal dress. Find a colored tie to achieve a classic and gentlemanly look. If you dare to be fashion savvy, then you can wear a white suit. This is a bold fashion statement that grooms can also consider.

Now, remember that the fabric will be the basic material used to create the suit so the finer the quality, the better your suit is going to be. See if you can use wool or cashmere. The latter is comfortable to the wearer but wool does not easily wrinkle, meaning, it is best for all kinds of weather. As much as possible, say no to cotton as it wrinkles easily.

Polyester and microfibers also look elegant but if you want a fairly-priced fabric, you can always go for linen.

It is also important to remember the weather conditions as well as the time of the wedding (day or night) when choosing the fabric color. Find a color that complements your skin color.

If the wedding takes place during colder seasons, it is a must to choose darker and more sophisticated shades of fabric. Add in some colors on your shirt and tie. It matters not if you take a small risk just as long as the ensemble is still fashionable to look at.

Take note also that the jacket matches the color of your pants, otherwise, your suit will look off.

It’s Time to Measure

Did it ever occur to you that 70% of people actually have a one arm that is longer for about a quarter of an inch than the other arm? The suits that are bought off the rack do not take this into account. 

Maintain an open communication with the tailor once your measurements are being taken. Tell him how you would want the suit to fall on your shoulders, waist and on your shoes. Telling him these things beforehand will save you lots of money on trips for adjustments later on.

The great thing about having a tailor-fitted suit is that you get to customize it the way you want it. If you want to add a pocket or two or if you want some lining, then the tailor can create the suit as you specified.

Just make sure that you tread carefully in having a tighter, modern suit, though. If you want to be classic or traditional with your theme, then you can always wear a black coat, the traditional collar shirt, grey striped trousers, waistcoat and formal tie.

Also, remember the following:

  • The cuff of your blazer must reach the base of the thumb.
  • Your pants’ hem must slightly hang on top of your shoes.
  • The waistband must not be too tight or too loose. Insert two fingers between your waistband and your abdomen. You should be able to put in both fingers without difficulty.

Fitting the Wedding Suit

As soon as your suit is ready, try it on then make sure to note how it fits your body. Tell the tailor about any adjustments that you want to be made. In essence, you are paying for the suit so you have the right to point out any modifications that you prefer. 

Just think of the wedding suit as the frame that will highlight the bridal gown so you need to make the right choice from the outset.



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