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5 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes To Veer Away From

5 Most Common Honeymoon Mistakes To Veer Away From

Honeymoon is a term used for newlywed couples who get away from the rigors of every day life, the pre-wedding planning stress, and the attention that they got from loved ones during the wedding. This is when the couple goes to a special location to share intimate moments and to, eventually, consummate their marriage.

Honeymoon – A Short History

Honeymoon was derived, in part, from a Scandinavian word and an ancient custom for newlyweds in Northern Europe. Here, the newly married pair drinks honeyed wine (known as mead) daily during their first month as a couple. This explains the honey part of the word honeymoon.

So that leaves us with the word moon and how it came to be connected to this marriage term. To Northern Europeans, the moon is connected to the body’s monthly cycle. When combined with honey, it means that not every moon during married life were as important and sweet as the first one. British prose writers even interpreted it as the waning and waxing of marital love.

Honeymoon Slip-ups

Laugh as you may but there are many recorded honeymoon mistakes. These are inevitable for some couples due to the hectic schedules that they had to follow during the wedding planning.

But you must never let one (or two!) silly mistake ruin what is supposed to be the most intimate part of your young marriage. Here is a list of these mistakes so that you can steer clear from them:

Not having an ample time to prepare: Just as cramming students tend to fail, this is also the sad story that can happen to many married couples who fail to plan ahead. Many would be brides and grooms tend to focus on the wedding and the reception that they forget to prepare for their honeymoon.

With less preparation time, there is a higher risk for honeymoon mishaps such as paying for more expensive plane tickets all because you forgot to book ahead of time. For some, they forgot to book a double bed so they end up sleeping on a cramped bed.

Not informing everyone that you are on honeymoon: Honeymooners can get discounts – or did you even know that? This is not the right moment to be shy. Many hotels and restaurants offer honeymooners with special perks. This can be as simple as two free glasses of champagne or it can be as grand as being upgraded to a room with a view of the open sea. If you are lucky enough, you might even be given a special spot (a more private one) on the beach.

If you want to learn how to avail of the discounts or perks, you can excitedly mention during booking that you are going to be on your honeymoon. Tell your tour guides and hospitality staff that you are honeymooning and you will marvel at how the customer service tends to improve.

Not compromising: Your honeymoon might or might not be your first trip as a couple. This will serve as a litmus test for many married people because this is when you begin to see quirks in your partner. You might suddenly realize that you are with a control freak when he creates an itinerary and insists in doing everything on time.

Just imagine a couple’s dilemma as one wants to spend hours taking photographs of nature while the other would prefer to go shopping! Most of the time, the answer to this problem is to compromise.

Not allocating a reasonable budget: Money, as many studies have shown, is one of the leading causes of tension between married couples. This can actually begin right after you sign the marriage contract. To other couples, this can set in as early as their honeymoon.

Just imagine how your spouse will react if you bought a luxury bag just for your honeymoon. Some guys might feel that this is an unnecessary expense and it could easily spark an argument in the middle of your honeymoon!

Discuss what kind of honeymoon you will have with your soon-to-be spouse. Will you go shopping in France or will you visit the tropical islands of Asia? The grander your honeymoon vision is, the likelier that you will have a bigger budget.

The rule is pretty simple – just beware of extremes when you go on your honeymoon. Make sure that you don’t book the cheapest hotel (just imagine what the bride would feel as she is taken to a budget room) or go beyond your credit limit and spend the next five years being tight-fisted.

Not laughing at mishaps: Sometimes, no matter how carefully you went about in planning your perfect wedding, there could still be some disasters that could come up.

This is also true when it comes to your honeymoon. You could end up missing your flight because your forgot your passport. Or you might suffer from a stomachache during the entire honeymoon all because you ate a plateful of lobsters!

Sure, these may be embarrassing or they can cause someone to lose patience but instead of fuming mad or crying, why not laugh as a couple and just shrug the incident away?

Your honeymoon, just like you, is far from perfect but you can expect it to be memorable. Just ignore the unimportant stuff and simply focus in enjoying your moment as a couple.

Logic and Practicality

Though you are allowed to make some errors, this does not mean that you forget being sensible. So, to avoid honeymoon mistakes, here are a few guidelines:

  • Make sure that your passport is going to be valid for at least six months. If there is a need to renew your passport, then find time to go to the ICA or Immigration and Checkpoints Authority early on to avoid problems later.
  • Pack a first aid kit containing alcohol, cotton balls, anti-diarrhea tablets, medical plasters and sunblock.
  • Ask your doctor for immunizations for tetanus, typhoid, measles, rabies, hepatitis, meningococcemia, and yellow fever; especially if you are going to tropical countries.
  • Other countries have different electrical systems so take the time to pack some cables and travel adapters so that you can continue to use your gadgets.

At the end of the day, it is all about planning and taking it easy at the same time. Plan carefully so that mishaps can be avoided but if they do happen, just laugh out loud and share the silly moment with your special one.

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