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Choosing a Wedding Florist – 10 Blazing Hot Tips to Remember

Choosing a Wedding Florist – 10 Blazing Hot Tips to Remember

Flowers are one of the most profound ways of expressing one’s feelings. Their color, fragrance, beauty and freshness all convey one thing – one’s undying love for the recipient. While flowers cannot be kept for a lifetime, their memories however always remain in the receiver’s heart. Flowers are generally sent to loved ones to mark important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings

Flowers and Marriage

In case of marriage, the church and reception venues are often decorated with flowers. The floral decoration starts at the entrance down to the bride and groom’s chairs. The whole place is decorated with beautiful flowers for the guests to realize the sanctity of the exchange of vows that just happened. The fragrance can also add to the joyful and fun mood that is being set at weddings.

Before you choose a professional florist and arrange a meet-up with her, try to have a feel of how she works. In short, try to get to know your florist through these tips:

Let her define her signature style

Every florist has a philosophy when it comes to weddings. There are those who use the flowers that they love and arrange them in a manner that they favor.

It is important to find out about her preferred styles because they might not suit your chosen wedding theme. Allow her to define her visions then find out how she will bring those visions to reality.

Ask her if she will be able to accommodate the wedding décor that you want. If she cannot recreate your favored themes, then it is time to move on to the next florist on your list.

Find out about your chosen florist’s availability

It is pretty simple to ask if the florist will be available on the wedding day itself. The best florists get bookings so make sure that she has a free slot for you. Does she have more than one bookings on your wedding day? If she responds that she will be doing two other weddings on that day, then let red flags be raised. This is a clear indication that she has three priorities during that day – the question is, are you at the top of that priority list?

Ask also if your chosen florist has junior staff that are on standby, ready to help. If she only has one or two people assisting her on your big wedding day, better choose a more experienced florist that has a more staff.

Ask for her portfolio

The florist may blab on and on about how good she is but her portfolio will speak for her past works. Ask her to describe each wedding project that she took on and you will realize her sense of creativity.

If you encounter smaller florists who work for small budgets but with zero portfolio, then ask for sample bridal bouquets and centerpieces prior to your wedding date. This is tangible proof that can help you decide whether to take a florist’s services or not.

wedding florist decoration

Allow her to make suggestions

Once you and your groom have come up with a theme but cannot decide whether to have nosegay or a cascading bouquet, then it is time to trust in your florist. This flower expert should be able to tell you what type of gown goes with what style of bouquet. If you can, try to show her a picture of your wedding gown so that she can come up with workable suggestions.

Engage her by throwing unique questions. Ask her what colors she prefers to work with and whether she uses artificial or fresh flowers.

Set a budget for the floral décor

Just like all other aspects of the wedding, it is vital to set your budget for the wedding flowers. A professional florist must guide you to choose the flowers that suit your budget and your theme.

While your wedding is one special event, it is still wrong to go overboard and drown your guests with the most expensive blossoms.

A good florist must also be able to come up with bouquet, corsage and boutonnieres lists. The venue décor must also be discussed to you in detail.

Allow her to familiarize herself with the wedding venue

If you still haven’t decided about the venue, then try to bring photos of your preferred wedding locations. If you have an elaborate theme and an equally intricate reception area, then you must go to the venue together with your florist. Discuss any suggestions that she might have and fill her in with your ideas as well.

Attend bridal shows

If want to have an idea about who the best florists are in the country, then try attending bridal shows. Look at the displays of flowers during the show then get in touch with the florists who provided them. It is best to interview at least three florists before you choose the best one.

Demand for your flowers to be delivered

There are couples that choose to pick up the wedding flowers the night before the Big Day. These are the people who prefer to set up the arrangements themselves.

If you know that you love roses but do not know what to do with hundreds of them, then ask your florist to arrive earlier than the set time for the wedding. This is so she can direct her staff regarding the flowers’ proper arrangement.

Find out if wedding accessories can be included with the package

Many professional florists understand the rigors of the industry that they are in so to keep up with the trends, there are those who include candelabras, wedding arches and other accessories with their wedding flower packages.

Lastly, make a list of your guests

You might wonder why it is important to establish the number of guests before ordering your wedding flowers. Knowing this important number will you give you an approximate number of tables that will be set up during the reception. This is especially useful if you are working on a tight budget.

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