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How To Pick Your Wedding Venue

How To Pick Your Wedding Venue

A wedding is one of the happiest occasions in life that everyone looks forward to. It is the natural step that comes after getting engaged. It is said that there are three important days in a man’s life and that is the day he is born, the day he marries and the day he dies. This goes to show that the wedding day is very important. Girls usually start to fantasize about their wedding day when they are still young. They imagine it to be perfect when they would get married to their prince charming. 

In order to have a wedding, you need a venue. A wedding venue is important because it can determine how great your wedding will be and so this is something you want to consider carefully before you make a decision. The following tips will help you do so.

Have good communication

Good communication is important in any relationship and this also applies to wedding plans. Therefore you and your partner should be on the same page concerning the wedding ideas you have. People are usually different and so you may have different opinions on some things. This calls for compromise from both sides. After knowing what you both want, you can now start planning for it.

Type of wedding

You have to decide whether you want to have the traditional Malay wedding including the Bersanding ceremony, or whether you want to simplify the process and only do the most vital ceremonies. The more elaborate Malay wedding will have three main parts that will likely take place on different days. Chinese will normally throw a banquet in the hotel or restaurant to celebrate this special day. However, if you choose to simplify the wedding or even do it the Christian way, your venue options will likely be different. On the other hand if you decide to go for a civil wedding then you have to think of a venue that will serve as both the wedding ceremony and also reception. If this is the case then look for a venue licensed to host marriage ceremonies. This is usually more expensive but it spares you and your guests from a lot of travelling.

Decide on a budget

When you decide on a budget and work on it, you will be able to narrow down the wedding venues to those that fall within your budget. Every bride dreams of wedding at an elegant venue with lots of history like the Carcosa Seri Negara, built in Kuala Lumpur in 1904 as the residence of the highest British representative to the Malay States. This is as elegant a location as they come. However, all this elegance comes at an extra cost, so be prepared for that.

Think of the guests

You should put into consideration the fact that there will be guests travelling in order to attend your wedding. If you want them to come and also spare yourself the extra costs of their travelling expenses or hotel bills then you can consider choosing a venue that is close to where most of your guests live. However, do not let that dampen the beauty of your wedding day. If all the locations that are close to your relatives suck, then get yourself your dream location and let them figure out how they will reach the venue. After all, it is your day!

Wedding Reception

Number of guests

It is important to have an estimate of the number of guests you will be expecting at your wedding before you look for a wedding venue. This will spare you the agony of getting a beautiful wedding venue only to realize later on that it is either too big or too small for the number of people coming for your wedding.

Type of wedding reception

This will determine the size of venue that you will require. You can either have a seated wedding reception or a standing wedding reception. When the guests have a formal meal when standing then a small venue can host more guests as opposed to when they are seated. However, it is considered impolite to force people to stand for long periods of time while the bride and her groom are comfortable seated, so you might also want to consider the length of the ceremony.

Entertainment facilities

The type of entertainment facilities you will be expecting for your wedding will determine the size of venue you will need. If you hire bands or any entertainers then they will take a lot of space together with their equipment. You therefore need to agree on the type of entertainment you will hire instead of adding them at the last minute when there is no extra space at the venue. This will cause lots of inconveniences such as some of your guests being left out or the entertainers you have hired failing to perform.

The wedding venue staff

You should choose a venue that has experienced and professional staff. This is important because they will be attending to your guests and so you want your guests to have a wonderful experience on your wedding day.

Wedding venue facilities

It is important to make sure that the venue you choose has facilities that cater for the disabled.  Both the elderly and the young should be provided for during your wedding. This should be on terms of seats and other things.  This will ensure that no one is left out because you normally expect people of all abilities, sizes, gender and age during your wedding.

Parking space

There will be a lot of vehicles that will come to the venue from those of the bridal party to those of your guests. Therefore you should consider if there is enough space to cater for them at the venue you have chosen. No one wants to be inconvenienced and made to hassle for space on this joyful day. By making your guests relaxed they will be able to enjoy your wedding more.

Wedding date

In case you have already chosen your wedding date which is fixed then you should look for venues that will be free on that particular day. However if you are flexible when it comes to the wedding date then you will have a variety of venues to choose from.

Seek expert advice

Although you may have a clear picture of what you would like your wedding to be, it doesn’t harm to seek advice from experts such as wedding planners, websites and so on. You may learn a thing or two that you did not know about. The experts will advice you on the best venues to have your grand ceremony. All you have to do is let them know about your requirements and they will find a venue that suits you. You will find that they have a wide list of wedding venues that you may not know of because most of them are privately owned. Wedding planners have had different experiences with different wedding venues in the course of their job and so they will find something that you are comfortable with.

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