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How To Register Your Marriage

How To Register Your Marriage

Marriage is a very important commitment that people can make. Therefore this is something that you may like to protect so much. One of the ways of doing this is by registering your marriage. This will ensure that the law recognizes the validity of your marriage. It is also a way for people to feel stable and secure about their marriage and be sure that no one will come to claim their rights.  There are different requirements for doing this and they differ from state to state. In order to do this, you have to know how the legal system works in your state and what you need to do to be able to register your marriage.

The official government department handling marriage registration is JPN, which stands for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia. In English, it means it is the National Registration Department of Malaysia, someone called it NRD. Malaysia Wedding Hub has compiled a list of all offices of JPN in different states of Malaysia. You could get their contact details and contact them for most the important enquiries.

There are different types of marriages and so you should know what applies to the type of marriage that you have. When you are able to solemnize your marriage then you will avoid the inconveniences that come with having delay or reschedule the dates of your ceremonies. The filing of solemnization should be done at the registry of marriages of your state. The followings are the procedures you need to follow in order to register your marriage in Malaysia, here is a list of Marriage Registration Offices in Malaysia you can choose.

Registration of non- Muslim marriages

Date of notice

This refers to the date that your application has been received. The rule is that a notice of the civil marriage has to be filed 21 days before the date of your solemnization.  In case your application has not been received then you will have to do it again.

Solemnization date

It is important to note that you cannot solemnize your marriage before the end of 21 days and you cannot also do it after 3 months.  You then have the chance of setting up a solemnization date.

Solemnization venue

You have options when it comes to where you choose to get married.  You are not restricted when it comes to this and so you can have the wedding you have always wanted. This ensures that you are happy on your wedding day. If you want you can get married at the premises of the registry of marriages or outside. If you choose the former then you have more freedom to change the solemnization details than if you choose the latter. Another thing you have to know is that days for the solemnization of the wedding are from Mondays to Friday. You cannot also push the date of your solemnization to a period beyond 3 months from the day of filing your notice.


Any payments made for this purpose are usually non- refundable.

Names used

The names that will be on the certificate are your official names as they appear in your identity cards.

Your notice number

Make sure that you keep your notice number confidential. This will prevent unauthorized changes from taking place.

Documents required

There are some documents that you are required to present to the registrar. They include Identity card, one colored photo, a passport in case you are a foreign citizen and a birth certificate among others depending on your circumstance and previous marital status.

If your filing was successful then your application will be displayed. After this process you will be summoned and you have to go with a printed copy containing the filing instructions together with the documents mentioned.

After 21 days from the day of making the application have expired you will you will be required to fill a form.

Cancellation of notice or solemnization

When going through theses process you have to keep in mind that it is not possible to cancel the notice of marriage. According to the law of Malaysia, the notice and the proceedings that have taken place are considered void in case the marriage does not push through within three months from the date of notice.  If you want to lawfully marry again after that then you have to start the process afresh.

There are however cases where the authorities can cancel your solemnization. For example if you don’t honor the solemnization appointment given or choose to change the date when it is already late.

Registering Islamic marriages

When it comes to registering Islamic marriages then you have to start by filing a notification .

Filing of notification

You have to do it between 7 to 150 days before the date you have chosen for solemnization.

Solemnization date

You can choose the solemnization date as long as it falls between 7 to 150 days. You are also allowed to make changes to the date during this period.  In case you want to change the date of solemnization after this period has passed then you are required to register your notice of marriage again.

Solemnization venue

The notification of marriage is usually filed at registry of Muslim marriages.

Cancellation of solemnization

In case you and your partner have decided to cancel your solemnization then both of you are required to go to registry of Muslim marriages and make that cancel when the Kadi is present.

Whichever type of marriage you choose, you should make sure you adhere to the rules set in order to avoid inconveniences.

Another thing you also need to do is make sure that the information you have given on the supporting documents you submitted are correct in order to make your marriage license valid. If you make a mistake with the names or information then it might be difficult to get your certificate and you may even have to pay a fine for it.

After having your marriage license, the judge or the religious officials presiding over the ceremony should sign it on your wedding day. This should be the original copy of it. There are other witnesses who can also sign it and these are the maid of honor and also the best man. You can appoint the bridesmaid or groomsman to take care of getting the witnesses, religious officials or judge to sign the license.

When you comply with the necessary requirements then you will have a smooth registration of your marriage.

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