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Things to Note Before Printing Your Wedding Invites

Things to Note Before Printing Your Wedding Invites

When planning for the perfect wedding; there are dozens of details that the bride and groom are supposed to look into – the need to search for the right wedding dress, choosing a venue, finding out the right theme, and printing out wedding invites.

While wedding invitations may seem insignificant, you will soon realize why these enveloped requests are an integral part of any wedding. They are not just there fulfill a practical purpose; more than anything, the guests get to have an idea of the theme and the overall style on your wedding day.

Your wedding invites, in essence, will project the first impression that you would want your guests to have so it is important to create them perfectly from the onset:

Choose Your Theme

One of the many decisions that you will make pertaining to the wedding is your choice of a wedding theme. Whatever theme you decide on as a couple, whether it’s classic, fairytale or modern; always remember that this theme needs to be reflected on each and every invite.

Choose your theme as early as four to six months prior to your wedding then create a custom design that is suitable to your chosen theme. Here are some of the most commonly chosen themes these days and the most suitable wedding invitation designs for each –

Vintage Glamour Wedding CardsVintage Glamour theme: This theme exudes timeless elegance. You will need textured invites with lots of colors and sophisticated materials. Put in some ribbons, lace and satin and you can already achieve a 1920s theme. The matching colors for this are ivory, latte, cream or pink.



Beach Theme Wedding CardsBeach theme: This theme is often chosen by couples who are more relaxed and outgoing. Put in some white sand, shells and ribbons and you can already achieve the vibrant feel of this theme. Use the colors blue, green and white.



Black & White Theme Wedding CardsBlack and White theme: This is a typical example of color blocking where two opposing colors are used for better impact. Fuchsia and white; dark green and apple green; yellow and purple; and blue and orange are just some of the color combinations that are found at opposite sides of the color wheel.

A bride that chooses blue and green for her wedding colors can have a blue ribbon with green trimmings on her invitation cards.


Environmental friendly wedding cardsEnvironment-friendly theme: If the couple is an eco-friendly pair, then green is the absolute wedding color. They can even decide to go paperless just to communicate their serious message regarding planet conservation.



Have the Facts Written Down

The whole world knows that weddings are all about being excited but do not get that excited – just yet. Rushing to the printer or card designer without a prepared list of facts such as the names of the couples, the names of their parents, the wedding date, venue, dress code and RSVP contact person; is just wrong.

And since you now live in a digital age, you may also want to put in your couple or personal URL on each invitation. Collate all the information that you need, check, re-check and then head out to the printing shop.

Find Online Templates

Back in the day, there is but one standard template for wedding invitations. Now, with family structures becoming more complex each year, wedding invitations can be full of flair.

If you still choose the formal tone, then you are welcome to use such a template. For those who choose the casual style, there are also sample templates online.

Estimate the Needed Mailing Time

Keep in mind that you need to have ample time for the template selection, printing and mailing. For couples that choose custom stationery, you will need to invest more time. Ask how much the printing package will be. Ask for factors such as the time allotted for reprinting if in case there are mistakes on the cards.

Generally, it is acceptable to mail the wedding invitations 4-6 weeks ahead of the wedding date. This gives the guests enough time to RSVP.

Shop for Quality Yet Economical Cards

Specialty shops can now cater to couples that need wedding invitations. Compare the costs of materials and labor prior to closing the deal. Ask how much they charge for reprints since these can get costly.

Do not let price become the only factor that you will consider, though. Find the printers that have successfully provided invites to many couples in the past.

Make a List of Your Invited Guests

You wouldn’t want your wedding day to become memorable because your cousin’s ex-spouse suddenly shows up. You would want a fairytale wedding, not one that seems to have come from a horror film.

To accommodate everyone that is dear to you and your future spouse, it is better to hold a separate, much simpler dinner party for them after the wedding day.

Making a list of your guests will also give you an approximation of wedding invitations that need to be printed.

Order Extra Invitations

When trying to decide how many invitations are supposed to be sent out, just play safe by printing 30 extra. These can easily be used as last minute invites should you suddenly realize that some loved ones had not been included in your original list.

Forget Not the RSVP

Repondez S’il Vous Plait in French; this phrase means respond if you please. Include your RSVP in your wedding invitations as this will make your preparations much easier. RSVPs will help you estimate the number of wedding guests that are likely to attend. This can mean not paying for a lot of extra plates and just order enough for your guests. Someone who does not RSVP can also mean one freed seat so you can offer it to someone else.

All in all, sending your wedding invites means planning way ahead of the event. There is nothing worse than seeing your invitations not syncing with your chosen theme so be prepared and organize this small aspect of your wedding very soon.

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