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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Have you ever encountered any blissfully married couple who does not want to have memories of their wedding day? Just as every woman dreams of a posh wedding that comes with a gorgeous white, bridal gown and lots of flowers; so it is equally important to record great wedding memories. These are, after all, romantic fantasies that can be frozen in time.

With too many marriage planning fuss, there are couples who neglect hiring a professional wedding photographer. While guests may take photos of the event, there is no guarantee that you will get quality photos. So, in order to capture each happy moment during that day, you must learn how to look for the right photographer and be able to ask the right questions once you are in front of this expert.

Question #1: Can you show me your previous work?

This is one of the first questions that you should ask a wedding photographer. The images and style of the photographer are, of course, depicted in his past projects. After scouring pages of photographers’ websites, it is time to schedule an in-person appointment.

Peruse the photographer’s professional portfolio. Has he covered weddings in the past or are you his first wedding ceremony client? Be careful when dealing with firsts; while they may cost less, you could end up sacrificing the quality of the wedding photos.

Question #2: Do you think we can work together?

It is okay to be excited by the pictures that you see but consider also the photographer’s personality. Here are sub-questions under this query:

  • Can I like this photographer?
  • Can I put my trust in this person for him to handle this important day in my life?
  • Do I feel comfortable with him/her?
  • Will my relatives like him and his work?

The photographer’s answer to your primary question will help you assess if he annoys or impresses you. Remember, chemistry is key to having great looking wedding photos. 

Question #3: What is your photography style?

Another important element in choosing your wedding photographer is his style. This is a unique trait that separates him from all the other professionals in his field. Any photographer may copy another’s style but it is a fact that no two photographers see in the same way. Therefore, see if the images in his past projects move you; if they tell a complete story; if they are artistic and creative; and lastly, if the photos look real and the subjects look comfortable.

Question #4: How much will this project cost?

This is one of the most important deciding factors. In interviewing the photographer, see if you can afford his services. See also if you will still have something left after the wedding, financially speaking that is.

To know your limit, you must set a budget and share this figure to your chosen photographer. Remember also that you get what you pay for so be very careful in setting your wedding photography budget.

Professional photographers must also have contracts for you to sign. No contracts? Then this should ring alarm bells right away. Find out how much recopies and reproduction of disks cost.

Question #5: Can you show me a complete wedding photo set?

When you viewed the photographer’s portfolio, you are essentially just looking at his best shots. When you get to see the full wedding day, then you will have an idea as to how your wedding photos would also look like. Ask for photos of both the ceremony and the reception.

Question #6: How long have you worked as a professional photographer?

The photographer’s years of experience and his ability to produce great photographers often go hand-in-hand. Ask how long he has worked as a professional – he may have worked for a decade but if eight years of those were spent on personal photography, then, in essence, those years do not count because he was just a hobbyist then, not a pro.

Question #7: Have you taken any formal lessons in photography?

To a professional photographer, this is not an insulting question. An expert should be able to tell you all the courses that he has taken to better his skills. You are looking for an expert so find out if he takes his career seriously. There are wedding photography courses that are now available so see if your chosen photographer can show you a certificate.

Question #8: How will you deal with wedding day hurdles?

Ask your photographer about his tactics when he is suddenly met with an unexpected rain during a garden wedding. Also, if you have a large family, will he be able to capture group shots? What if the mother of the bride suddenly comes in and makes suggestions, how then will he deal with this?

A seasoned photographer will have a ready solution to all of these concerns.

Question #9: What services come with your wedding day package?

Always consider value when you compare wedding photo packages. Sure, better photographers cost more but this does not mean that you are left with the worst ones. There are cut-rate photographers that can also provide the angles that you want so take time to sit down and interview your shortlisted candidates.

Find out what services are included in the package such as parent albums, loose prints, etc. Also, make sure that the photographer you are booking is the actual photographer that will take the photos on your wedding day.

Question #10: Can you let me speak with your past clients?

The photographer’s past clients are the best people to help you gauge whether you two would click. Ask these people how they felt about the photos and what made them choose the photographer in the first place. Take note of their positive comments, more so of any negative remarks.

See also if any award giving body has recognized the photographer’s works as well. There are now thousands of awards so find out what sort of award, for what photograph and when was the photograph taken. These plus the testimonials of satisfied clients should sway you into saying yes.

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