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Secret Of Successful Marriage Proposal

Secret Of Successful Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal can be a stressful thing especially if not handled well. This is the time that the person planning the proposal is usually on edge. In most cases it is usually the man. The nervousness comes with the fact that you have realized that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you are wondering if your partner feels the same and if she will accept your proposal. Therefore how you do it matters a lot. After the proposal know that the lady will be eager to brag to her girlfriends how it was and so she doesn’t want it to be a disappointment. You would want to be a prince charming in both her eyes and of those of her friends.

It has been discovered that other factors kept constant, how to make your marriage proposal can determine the answer you get. As nerve wrecking as it may seem, it is not impossible to come up with a fantastic marriage proposal. The following are the tips you need to apply to make sure it becomes successful.

Have a ring with you

Although this might come across as an obvious thing you may be surprised to realize that some guys do not have a ring when they propose. However there might be circumstances where you may not be able to have a ring when you propose and so don’t worry about it but if you can then have it because it will make a great difference. This is the first image that comes to her mind when you kneel down to propose so don’t disappoint her. Learn from here on how to choose a wedding ring for her.

Have a plan

Deciding to do a spontaneous proposal is a recipe for disaster because most of them usually fail. It is better to have a proposal plan of how you will carry it out. Depending on how intricate the idea you have, you can do the degree of planning that is needed.  Your girlfriend would want to think that you take the proposal seriously and that you thought about it. It is not good for her to think it is something you did on a whim.

Get ready your ring before marriage proposal

Rehearse your plan

Just having a plan is not enough to make things successful. You need to rehearse it in order to avoid disaster. This will help you to cope with any unexpected happenings and deal with them before you make the real proposal.

Ensure she is ready

Do not think that being ready for engagement is something obvious because it isn’t. You should be sure that she is ready for this big step. You can find this out in many ways but if you don’t succeed or if you she keeps giving you mixed signals then you can just have a direct discussion with her in order to know her stand.

Choose the right time

Timing is a very important factor when planning a proposal. This is because timing greatly affects other things in your lives such as your career, relationship among others. This will determine whether or not you will be successful in your proposal.

Avoid going overboard

Too much of anything is dangerous and so refrain from overdoing things. You have to be realistic even though you would like to have a memorable and special proposal. It is good to go to great lengths to make her happy but it is better to have an idea that you can pull off and make it look good as opposed to killing yourself to accomplish something that is not possible.


Be calm

Although it is not easy to do, you have to be calm. There are lots of things that need your attention your time and so it is not the time to be nervous. Try to relax yourself and ensure you try to stick as closely as possible to your plan in order to avoid worrying about things.

Choose the idea carefully

The manner of your proposal is almost as equally important as the proposal. The method you use to propose is what will have people talking about your proposal for days on end. Think about it carefully so that the idea you choose turn out to be right for both your relationship and more so for your girlfriend. Simplicity is always key. In fact among the best ideas I ever heard was of a guy who printed meme messages on white cardboard detailing how much the thought of marriage scared him before and how he now couldn’t imagine not spending his life with her. He sttod outside the window of the restaurant where she was having lunch with her friends and held out the cards one by one while she read, smiling and laughing where appropriate, until in the last card he asked the million-dollar question. That caught her totally off guard and of course she said YES! Now, wasn’t that sweet?

Be confident

It is said that confidence matters a lot. You should have faith that your preparation is good and that you will be able to execute it. One way of doing this is by having thorough planning. In this way, you will not have much to worry about. Confidence is everything in order to have a successful marriage proposal.

Keep quiet about you plan

A proposal is something exciting and so if one person finds out he or she will not be able to keep quiet about the good news. In this way, the news will spread very fast and before you know it, your girlfriend will be aware of it. People may do this not out of malice but out of excitement.


The bottom line is realizing the fact that a marriage proposal is taking a huge step towards a lifelong commitment and so should not be taken lightly. You will only have a chance of making a proposal to that one girl that you want and so you should not do less than what you are capable of. It is said that women have a long memory and so she will be able to remember your proposal for years to come. It is something she will narrate to her children and to her grandchildren so you should not waste the chance of making her happy and looking good in her eyes. Use these tips to make your marriage proposal very successful.

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