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Actual Day Wedding Program Checklist

Actual Day Wedding Program Checklist

Malaysian actual wedding day lasts whole day as they have a lot of activities to do for the day which includes the tea ceremony, solemnization and as well as the banquet. It is important to set a schedule or program so everything will be in order and will go in a timely manner.

Programs in the actual wedding day should be established days before the wedding to be able to set everything up.  This is a big task for the groom and bride if they do not have a wedding planner. But if they do, they still need to collaborate so everything will go as they want and so they will be oriented of the timely manner that’s going to occur on the actual wedding day.

Download Actual Day Wedding Program (Dinner) Here

Download Actual Day Wedding Program (Lunch) Here

Attachments above are Actual Day Wedding Program so you will be guided accordingly. There are two schedules for the actual day wedding program, one for lunch and the other for dinner. This will be according to the traditions and ceremonies that a Malaysian wedding follow. If the program is settled for lunch, the bride and groom needs to wake up early to prepare the necessary things. The groom always takes part and is involved with the preparation.

The bride will need to wake up early as she will be eating breakfast with her family. This is to celebrate the last breakfast she will have with her family as a single woman and will signify how she values and loves her family. Afterwards, everyone most especially the bride should be prepared for the ceremony. The makeup artist and bridesmaid or sisters should arrive on time to make the necessary preparations.

While the bride is busy, the bridesmaids or the sisters of the bride should prepare the “test” that the groom and his buddies will have to pass to be able to fetch the bride. This should follow a timely manner so everything will go according to planned. When the tests are done, the groom will now bring his bride to his house for a tea ceremony together with his family.

The tea ceremony will consist of the closest and immediate family member and relatives of the groom. After this solemn ceremony, they will head to the hotel where the family and relatives of the bride will be waiting to do the tea ceremony.

The schedule provided up to here will be the same as the dinner schedule except for the tea ceremony as the tea ceremony for the dinner banquet can be held at the bride’s house since there is enough time to do so. After this, the solemnization may begin provided that the guests start appearing and the attendance is almost 85 – 95 % complete.

The audiovisual in charge, banquet manager, hotel staff, the emcees, bridesmaid and best man will all collaborate to arrange everything and make sure it will go according to the schedule. Banquet manager should ensure that the food and drinks are served on time.

Audiovisual in charge should make sure that the video and music is played during the first and second march in and during the dinner. Emcees are in charge to make the program lively and ensure that there will be no dull moments. Bridesmaid and best man will help the bride and groom along the way.

The Actual Day Wedding Program Sample will surely help you to do your very own wedding schedule especially if you do not have a wedding planner/coordinator.

If you have better ideas you may also add it up and make it a DIY but this would surely help you as you will be given an idea on what will take place and what to do and who will be the person that should be in charge with the activity/program.

This will ensure that everything will go smoothly and that your wedding day will be at its finest.

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