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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist For Brides

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist For Brides

Wedding has been a very important event for most people. The preparation is the number one concern and some wedding are prepared a year before to ensure that everything goes according to planned. There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration like the Brides wedding day emergency kit checklist in Malaysia to be assured that all the last minute mishaps can be easily corrected.

Here comes the day

The wedding day starts as the bride wakes up early in the morning for the makeup and hairstyling. The groom will also prepare to depart with a couple of his brothers or male friends or relatives to fetch his soon to be wife. When the groom and his team arrive, they will face some tests or challenges prepared by the bride’s sisters or female friends and relatives before they can take his bride. After overcoming these obstacles, a tea ceremony would be done at the brides house coupled with prayers which are offered to the ancestral and deities. The ceremony at the bride’s house should be finished before the fortunate time set by the astrologer is over. The same tea ceremony and prayers are held in the groom’s house. A wedding banquet is held afterwards as the celebration for the newly wedded couple is enjoyed.

So you want a perfect wedding..

The wedding day should be perfect as it is the day that marks the union of both parties. But as we all know there can be last minute emergencies that may take place therefore you should be prepared with a first aid or what some often call emergency kit. So before the actual day, the brides wedding day emergency kit checklist  should always be prepared in case of emergencies. You don’t want to let your wedding be ruined just because of these mishaps.

Prepare a bag that contains the emergency kit items and hand it to your maid of honour on the day of the wedding to be rest assured that everything will go according to planned and minor glitches can be easily taken cared for. You may buy some wedding day emergency kit on the internet but you may also do it yourself so it can be customized according to your needs.

Medications and hygiene products

You should be prepared and bear in mind that anything can happen on your special day therefore a medicine box should be included in the kit. This medicine box should contain different medications for different indications. Medications for common colds, cough, allergies, LBM or loose bowel movement, fever, hyperacidity, upset stomach and other drugs to counteract the mishaps. But you must bear in mind that you should choose an antihistamine and cold remedy that will not make you drowsy or worst, fall asleep. Of course you wouldn’t want to sleep all throughout the wedding ceremony right? So pick the right thing and be cautious of the medications that you will take.

Another thing that bride to be should consider is bringing in handy feminine hygiene product like tampons and panty liners. You may keep track of your menstrual cycle but the last minute jitters may cause this to come unexpectedly, so its better be safe than sorry.

I am feeling hungry

Easy to carry snacks is a must too especially if the ceremony will take time. It should be light in the stomach but full packed with the needed energy and nutrition to sustain the bride for the long day. Granola bars are often suggested. Many brides do not eat prior to the ceremony as they are afraid that their dress will not fit them, some are too stressed and excited that they forget to eat. Bear in mind that it’s really not a good idea as you may faint from hunger on the ceremony. So eat even a little to prevent fainting on your most special day.

Snacks are accompanied with water and this is surely a must to include in the kit as you may get thirsty. Bring a straw along with it to prevent your make up from smudging. Other things that should be included in the wedding day emergency kit checklist is provided below.

Brides Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist (Click to download)

Grab our brides wedding day emergency kit checklist now to make sure you will do fine on your big day. After all, its better be safe than sorry. After acquiring everything don’t forget to hand the bag to your maid of honour.

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