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Wedding Preparation Timeline

Wedding Timeline

Your Big Day!

12 months before

Congratulation on your successful proposal !

This is a period where you need a lot of planning and sourcing for vendors, it is also a good time to decide whether you need a wedding planner to come into picture.
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10 months before

Got the long list of your desired services provider ready?

After setting your budget, this is a period where you need to make some important bookings especially the banquet venue.
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8 months before

Wedding is certainly one of your lifetime event so how can you afford not to focus on every single detail for your wedding day?

Starting from choosing your right tailor, find out more by clicking the button below
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6 months before

6 months to your big day, find a sunny day and lets go for an outdoor photography session.
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5 months before

Another month gone but no worry, we are here to help.

Time to pen your unique wedding vow to your partner and find out more on what need to be done during this time frame
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3 months before

It is time to make it official. File your marriage at your nearest National Registration Department now!
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2 months before

Send out all your wedding invites and meet with parents of both side to finalize all the details.
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1 month before

Final count down to 1 month !! Have you done what you should have done?

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3 weeks before

For those who are adhering Chinese wedding customs, this is the time where groom will give the betrothal gifts to the bride's family.
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1 week before

Final countdown to the last 7 days before your wedding day, this must be getting more and more exciting. Here are some tips to give your preparation a final boost.
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1 day before!

As the clock is ticking, this should be the most nervous day of your life time. Relax and make sure you do the following
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Download Full Wedding Timeline Checklist Here

Wedding is no doubt a major milestone of our life while organizing a wedding is a tedious process and sometimes could be horrendous if it is not well plan. But do not worry, Malaysia Wedding Hub is here to help all the Malaysia wedding couples with their wedding planning and so we created a wedding planning timeline to help you in organizing your preparation towards your big day. Coupled with our interesting interface, we sincerely hope that it will bring you some joys along your wedding planning journey.

The timeline format is structured based on a rough 12 months schedule, you can either follow on what have been suggested each month or for your even greater convenience, you can simply download and print out the sample checklist to customize it on your own. While browsing through the timeline, do check out the link or read the full post to get a clearer picture of what need to be done. Some of the links will bring you to our wedding directory where you can choose your desire vendors based on their reviews and comments and some of them will show you some insights about wedding planning. Still feeling lost and do not know what to do?

Click on Wedding Guide on the top navigation bar and check it out. It is a phase by phase guide that lead you through different stage of wedding planning. I guess that is enough for the talk, download the checklist above and lets walk the plan for your wedding now.



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